2018-2019 Graduate Degrees Earned

In 2019 so far, the following PhD Dissertations were successfully defended:

Joel Baehler, "Always Worth the Trouble: Stephen Donaldson, Gay Identity, and Citizenship in the United States, 1966-1996" (Dissertation 2019; Bindas advisor).

Michael Goodnough, “Shifting Faster Than the Colors of a Spinning Mirrored Globe: Health, Fitness, Dieting, and Antimodernism in American Culture and Thought, 1973-1984" (supervised by Dr. Bindas).

In 2019 so far, the following Masters Theses were successfully defended:

Max Monegan, “A Different Kind of Community: Queerness and Urban Ambiguity in Northeast Ohio, 1945-1980” (advisor: Smith-Pryor)

In 2018, the following PhD Dissertations were successfully defended:

Michele Curran Cornell “Romanticizing Patriarchy: Patriotic Romance and American Military Marriages during World War II” (supervised by Dr. Smith-Pryor);

David Demaree, “Consuming Lincoln: Abraham Lincoln’s Western Manhood in the Urban Northeast, 1848-1861” (supervised by Dr. Adams);

Aaron Pride, “Religious Ideology in Racial Protest, 1901-1934: The Origin of African American Neo-Abolitionist Christianity in the Religious Thought of William Monroe Trotter and in the Public Rhetoric of the Boston Guardian in the Struggle for Civil Rights” (supervised by Dr. Smith-Pryor);

Robert Sidwell, “Sacrificing for the Lost Cause: General Robert E. Lee’s Personal Staff” (supervised by Dr. Hudson).

In addition, the following Masters Theses were successfully defended in 2018:

Eli Bosler, “Ohio and California Farmers’ Reaction to the ‘Chinese Question’, 1879-1906” (supervised by Dr. Hayashi);

Alex Fleet, “Peace Through Growth: Political Response to Class Conflict in Interwar America, 1919-1923” (supervised by Dr. Bindas);

Deborah Hoover, “Norman Rockwell: The Business of Illustrating the American Dream” (supervised by Dr. Bindas);

Mauren Schindler, “Dismantling the Dichotomy of Cowardice and Courage in the American Civil War” (supervised by Dr. Adams);

Kimberly Stahler, “Three Dead in South Carolina: Student Radicalization and the Forgotten Orangeburg Massacre” (supervised by Dr. Bindas).

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