Spring 2019 Graduate Student News

Graduate Symposium Awards:

Best MA Paper

Benjamin Allison (Kent State MA student): "The location of the police power": Policing the Freedom Rides and Shattering the Reified State

Best PhD Paper

Michael Kneisel (Kent State PhD ABD): "Never Put Your Life in Their Power for a Moment": Mortality on Smaller Vessels during the Middle Passage

Ben Allison

Graduate student Ben Allison has two reviews coming out; one of Sarah Churchwell's Behold, America: The Entangled History of “America First” and “the American Dream", which is forthcoming in H-Nationalism. The other is of Adam Malka's The Men of Mobtown: Policing Baltimore in the Age of Slavery and Emancipation, forthcoming in Policing and Society.

Joel Baehler

PhD Student Joel Baehler organized and presented on a panel at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting in January 2019, titled "Protective Custody": Lived Experiences of Mass Incarceration in the United States, 1950 to 1990. His own paper was titled: "Terms of Surrender": Stephen Donaldson, Stop Prisoner Rape, Inc., and Sexual Assault in the Age of Mass Incarceration, 1973-1996."

William "Joe" Bean

William "Joe" Bean has had his article, "From Headlines to Deadlines: Adlai Stevenson's 'Crusade' Against Gambling in Illinois," accepted for publication in The Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society in 2020.

Jason Carruthers

Last year, graduate student Jason Carruthers gave papers at two conferences. One "We Care Not Whence They Came: The Confederate Monument at Camp Chase and Civil War Memory," was delivered at the Society of Civil War Historians Biennial Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in May 2018. The second, "Dead but Sceptered Sovereigns: The Confederate Monument on Johnson's Island and the Memory of the Civil War," was delivered at the Lakeside Heritage Society Conference in Lakeside, Ohio, in October 2018. He also received a GSS Travel Grant for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 for these conferences.

Stephanie Jannenga

In August of last year, Stephanie Jannenga published two encyclopedia entries for ABC-CLIO, one on Harvard College, the other on John Adams – in their three-volume encyclopedia entitled Shaping North America: From Exploration to the American Revolution. She also worked on completing her dissertation and traveling to DeKalb, Illinois to present an abridged version of her second dissertation chapter, “Choosing Colonial America: Higher Education in the Colonies from 1636 to 1776,” at the 11th Annual Northern Illinois University Graduate Student Association Conference on November 9th.

Michael Kneisel

PhD student Michael Kneisel gave two papers in the last year; one,“Constructing an American Mythology: The Boston Tea Party in High School Textbooks,” was delivered at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC, in January 2018. The other, “‘Never put your life in their power for a moment:’ Mortality on Smaller Vessels During the Middle Passage,” was delivered at the Northeast Ohio Graduate Symposium at Kent State, in March 2019, and was the First Prize Winner.

Christian Lengyel

Christian Lengyel presented his essay, "Behind the Blueback: How Currency Vignettes Reflected the Confederate Mindset during the American Civil War," at the Ohio Academy of History conference on March 22nd in Middletown, Ohio. He will have that same title published in Civil War History by the winter of this year (2019).

Matthew Vajda

Graduate student Matthew Vajda was very busy last year with citizenship. He's served as vice president of Phi Alpha Theta, Psi Chapter, starting Spring Semester 2018; as president of Phi Alpha Theta, Psi Chapter, 2018-2019; and as co-chair of the Northeast Ohio Graduate Research Symposium (formerly the Kent-Akron Symposium), August 2018-March 2019.

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