Spring 2019 Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the History Department at Kent State!

Like many History departments around the country, we anticipate both challenges and opportunities for the future. The battle for enrollment among institutions of higher education continues to intensify; it is an especially fierce contest in a state like Ohio, where demographic trends indicate a shrinking pool of young people entering college. Happily, the recent reinvigoration of the department’s research mission has led to increased visibility for the department. We anticipate a slew of associate professors will be completing their second books in the next few years; this means promotion to full professor. Our graduate students, meanwhile, continue to land outstanding jobs both in and out of academia, and recent data from the American Historical Association reveals that our placement record is above the national average.

There is no reason why we cannot continue these positive trends. Your generous financial support plays an important part in our success, as your donations supplement internal funds for the support of faculty and graduate student travel, fees and tuition for students at all levels, and purchases that help maintain the efficiency of our administrative operations. Please consider donating, if you have the means—and we look forward to seeing you at next spring’s History Homecoming, which will be an all-day symposium on new directions in the scholarship on the Vietnam War, one part of Kent State University’s remembrance of the tragic events of May 4, 1970. If you happen to be on campus, feel free to swing by 305 Bowman—I’m always happy to meet our alumni and discuss goings on in the department!