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Freshman Honors Colloquium

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What Is Freshman Honors Colloquium?

Considered by most Honors alumni as the most important course they had in college, Freshman Honors Colloquium (FHC) is the foundational course for the Honors Experience. While FHC satisfies the College Writing requirement of the university, it is much more than freshman English. In FHC, a cohort of students meet with the same Professor for both semesters, focusing on critical thinking, examining ideas closely, and expressing their own ideas in both oral and written form. This unique course is students’ first opportunity to develop and understand the long argument—the ability to follow trains of thought and ideas that reach back through the year, bringing together many lines of argument and reasoning.

The Honors College has found that students who complete FHC perform far better in all subsequent courses than those who do not complete FHC. Because each FHC section focuses on a theme chosen by the Professors, who are experts in their fields, students have the opportunity to choose themes from more than 25 sections of FHC, taught by award-winning faculty in the Department of English.


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My Experience in Freshman Honors Colloquium...

"I really enjoyed this class and feel I have a more well-rounded world view because of it." 
-FHC Student, 2017-2018 Cohort 

"I enjoyed my Freshman Honors Colloquium because I was able to spend a whole year forming relationships with students of similar intellectual caliber. The small number of students and the structure of the course allowed for close relationships to be formed between the professor and students, something that is hard to do in large entry-level classes. My favorite part of the course was the collaboration and support that I received from my classmates. My Freshman Honors Colloquium focused on poverty. We took an in-depth look at the vicious cycles of poverty, making this topic very real even though I had never experienced it personally. Ironically, this past spring semester, I saw firsthand the interactions between poverty and the criminal justice system during my internship at Georgetown Law, investigating adult and juvenile misdemeanors for indigent clients. Now as I prepare to graduate and attend law school in the fall, I am contemplating pursuing a career in public defense. 

Specifically speaking about academics, I left the course feeling confident in my research, writing, and citation skills, something that has greatly benefited me throughout my college career."
-Lily, FHC Student 

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"To me, Colloquium meant going to a class with a second family.  In Colloquium, everybody knew everybody; nobody was a stranger.  Still one of my favorite classes I've had in college."
-Joshua, FHC Student 



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"Freshman Honors Colloquium was a phenomenal class which taught me a great deal about writing and making new friends!"
-Eleanor, FHC Student 



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"To me, Freshman Honors Colloquium will always be one the best classes I have taken because it was where many of my lasting friendships first started. The format of the class was one that was easy to learn from as it was not a lecture, but it was more of a discussion. Overall, the class will always be fondly remembered by me because it got me out of my introverted shell and got me talking with people who became great friends."  
-Matt, FHC Student 


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"I was disappointed that I had to take an English class after passing AP English in high school, but I am so glad now that I was put in this class, because it was such a good experience." 
-FHC Student, 2017-2018 Cohort 

"The Freshman Honors Colloquium really helped me transition to life at Kent State. The class only had about 15 people which was a nice contrast to my big lectures. My professor worked hard establishing relationships with each of us through having one-on-one meetings throughout the semester. Each class we had in-depth discussions on what we were learning about and we were encouraged to think critically about the content which made it really meaningful.  

My favorite part of the course was the wide variety of unique projects we did. We made blogs, a podcast, and steered away from traditional presentation methods and did pecha kuchas instead.  The class (and assignments) were relevant and applicable to my daily life which made it easy to get engaged.  The coursework was just the right amount for my first honors class; it wasn’t too overwhelming yet prepared me for my future classes in regards to studying and time management."
-Erin, FHC Student


"It challenged me in so many ways and it is because of this course that I am a better person." 
-FHC Student, 2017-2018 Cohort