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Freshmen in Florence Testimonials

hear from Participating students

The Honors College strives to enrich the educational experience of our academically motivated students by providing an environment for cultural exploration. The Freshmen in Florence Program offers an international experience for highly motivated freshmen to pursue coursework in Florence, Italy. Hear firsthand accounts of Honors student experiences with the Freshmen in Florence Program, and the opportunities it has created for personal development, career exploration, and expanding cultural views.

Alexa Fryberger

Integrated Mathematics Major

Portrait of Alexa

“I chose to participate in the Freshmen in Florence program because I wanted to expand my outlook on the world.  As a graduate of a small, private high school, I knew that the world was far more diverse beyond my school’s walls, and I wanted to experience this diversity firsthand.”


Elena Neoh

Human Resource Management

Portrait of Elena

“Breathtaking.  There is more to the experience than just savoring sweet gelato or watching white horses pull a carriage, while I’m sipping on Italian coffee and waiting for the cheese to melt in my pasta.  Spontaneous excursions to the beach, getting lost in the beauty of this town and forming friendships are moments that last a lifetime.”


Ryan Moon

Fashion Merchandising

Portrait of Ryan

“To be able to kick off my college career in one of the most beautiful and historically rich cities in the world was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  In addition, many of the world’s most respected fashion companies originated in Italy, which was relevant to my major of fashion merchandising.”


Josh Budd

Integrated Language Arts

Portrait of Josh

“I decided to take this
opportunity to experience all life has to offer in a 
foreign country—including a different world view, a different way of life, and a different language and culture.”


Valerie Royzman


Portrait of Valerie

“Studying abroad is something I’ve always dreamed of doing, and I felt it was especially important for my journalism major. To write about real world events and experiences is difficult without exposure to new ways of life —Florence, Italy offered exactly this. This was just too incredible an opportunity to pass up and would feel regret if I had.”


Emmett Morehouse


Portrait of Emmett

“I chose to participate in the Freshmen in Florence program for a variety of reasons. One reason is because I believe that going out of your comfort zone or doing something new is important to personal development.”