Honors Student Council

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The Honors Student Council consists of a group of Honors students who seek to enhance the undergraduate experience provided by the Honors College.

Students participate in all facets of development and growth in the Honors College, from assisting in the creation of new Honors classes, to organizing and hosting scholarly, service, and social activities, to raising awareness among Honors students about conferences, publishing opportunities, special transfer agreements, scholarships, and much more.

The Honors College is a community within the larger University community, and its members participate in all the cultural, athletic, and social activities Kent State University offers. Like their peers campus-wide, some commute from home, others live in residence halls, and still others join fraternities and sororities. Commonwealth Honors College students play on sports teams, serve in student government, write for The Daily Collegian, run student businesses, and play for the marching band.


The Honors College also offers its own special opportunities and encourages its members to participate in every aspect of our community. Students may reside in our living-learning community in Stopher and Johnson Halls. Students of all levels are welcome to offer their views on curriculum matters at monthly Student Advisory Board meetings with the Dean. Or students may wish simply to meet faculty and other students at the informal gatherings the College sponsors. However you choose to become involved in the life of our College, we hope you'll follow the links to learn what is available to you.