New Freshmen

The Honors College enrolls students who demonstrate the potential for superior academic and creative ability at Kent State University. Admission to the college requires an excellent high school grade point average, strong scores on the ACT or SAT, and completion of a supplemental application including an essay, in addition to the KSU undergraduate application.

Application process

First-year admission to the Honors College is by invitation only.  Invitations to apply will automatically be sent approximately two weeks after you receive your acceptance letter from Kent State University. In order to receive an invitation, you must:

  1. Complete the Kent State University undergraduate admissions application by Feb. 1
  2. Have a 3.6+ cumulative high school GPA and a 27+ ACT composite or 1260+ SAT score

Please note: The Honors College will obtain test scores and transcripts from the Office of Admissions. There is no need to send a duplicate copy to the Honors College. 


The Honors College application is supplemental to the Kent State University application and is one of the most important components in determining a student's "fit" for the Honors College. The application should be completed after receiving your invitation, and requires an essay of approximately 400 words. We recommend that you compose your essay in a word-processing program, save it to your computer, and then copy/paste the essay into the application. Please check for spelling and grammatical errors.

New Freshman Application

Application Deadline

  • Deadline has been extended to June 15 (instead of May 1), due to COVID-19

Admissions Decisions

Honors admissions decisions are sent via email and mail within a few weeks after submission.

Scholarship Consideration

When a prospective student applies for Honors College admission, they are also applying for Honors College scholarships.  The same application is used to award scholarships to entering freshmen that demonstrate the potential for superior scholarly and creative activity at the university.  All entering freshmen are offered an Honors Distinction Award, ranging from $1,000-$3,000 per academic year, based on their academic profile.  Students will also be considered for additional honors scholarships supported by our donors, ranging from $500 to $2,000 per academic year.