Internship Opportunities: Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

As we near the end of the semester, our Honors College students are well underway researching, applying and interviewing for upcoming summer internships!  Internships may provide students with an opportunity to gain experience in their field of study (at least 150 hours) while receiving three internal Honors College hours.  The goal is to provide students with an enriched educational experience to prepare them for the outside world after graduation.   

As a college which houses students of many different majors and career paths, the Honors College is unique in that our students gain background and experience in a great variety of different areas.  From internships in other countries, to businesses in our own backyard, our students are gaining valuable skills, knowledge and on-the-job experience that will be pertinent as they enter the workforce.  

Senior fashion design major, Elizabeth Tarleton, interned with Kohl's corporate office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  During her internship, Elizabeth performed the many functions of an assistant designer, and created many technical sketches of clothing brand lines using Adobe Illustrator.  She says that her internship reaffirmed her desire to work in a mass-market retail setting rather than in high fashion.  Elizabeth even has a job as a result of her internship; she will be returning to Milwaukee as a full-time assistant designer after she graduates in August of 2019.

Mason Moore, a recent Honors College graduate, is currently completing an internship in SAP Business Support at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, and will transition to a company employee in the Information Technology Development Program this June.  For students who are looking for internships, Mason recommends that students begin looking early; while they may not be suitable to apply for positions at the start of their college career and they may not be hired on their first try, they will build relationships with recruiters and gain experience presenting themselves to their peers in a professional manner.  Also, students should ensure that they track the organization in which they are involved and the progress they make throughout their college career, so they can list that information on their resumes.  

Emma Stedman, a sophomore in modeling, animation and game creation, explains that completing an internship allowed her to gain insight into her preferred work environment. Though the office where she interned was nice and those she worked with were pleasant, Emma realized that she would prefer not to be confined in one space.  As a result, Emma is currently considering the possibility of doing freelance as a part of her career.  Emma says that being in the Honors College and having the general expectation to produce high-quality work helped her both with the work she had to produce and with her image as a professional.  She advises students who are looking for internships to apply everywhere they can, even if they do not receive the position!        

Please encourage your Honors College student to reach out to their honors academic advisor if they have any questions during their internship search.  Internships are not only for the summer; many of our Honors College students complete internships during the fall and spring semesters, often finding work on-campus through Career Exploration and Development's Handshake app.  



POSTED: Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 3:16pm
UPDATED: Friday, October 25, 2019 - 2:38pm
Interviews Conducted by Honors Writing Intern, Nina Palattella