Thesis of the Month: Rosemary Heredos

A senior pursuing degrees in both English and vocal performance, Rosemary Heredos is currently working on a Senior Honors Thesis that provides a perfect fusion of her two areas of study.

Inspired by a poem she read in a Medieval literature course offered by the Department of English, her thesis will provide an examination of both the Auchinleck manuscript text of Sir Orfeo and Francis James Child's ballad "King Orfeo," which are both Celtic retellings of the Orpheus myth of Greek and Roman lore. In studying the poem, she was particularly inspired by the vocal elements, given her studies in vocal performance. Each work will be analyzed in the context of both poetic and musical literature.

Her Senior Honors Thesis which has a working title of "Medieval Minstrels and Folk Balladeers: An Analysis of 'Orfeo' in Celtic Music and Literature," is being completed under the direction of her faculty advisor, Dr. Theodore Albrecht, professor in the School of Music.

In addition to her written research, Heredos will hold a lecture recital in the spring semester. This will provide her with an opportunity to discuss and demonstrate the historical and cultural performance practices examined in her thesis. Her performance is tentatively scheduled for March. 

She believes the thesis has provided her with an excellent opportunity to combine both of her undergraduate majors and would encourage other students to take advantage of the opportunity. She believes it's important to develop close relationships with faculty members and to take a wide variety of courses both within and outside of a student's major.

Her research earned her a Senior Honors Thesis Fellowship from the Honors College, a scholarship that supports undergraduate Honors College students in thesis research.

Heredos plans to pursue graduate study after graduation from Kent State University.