Zezlina Accepts Position with FBI

Graduating Honors College senior Kevin Zezlina, has seen the world already, in his short time at Kent State, not a feat that many college students could tout.  Kevin, is an alum of Keystone High School in La Grange, Ohio, and has experienced many areas of the world that most of us can only dream about. It's no wonder the FBI has offered him a position as an analyst in the Washington, D.C. area, which he will start later this summer!

Kevin started his college experience as a double major in political science with a concentration in international relations/comparative politics and history with a concentration in European history. 

In the summer of 2016, he attended the Florence Summer Institute, where he both completed coursework and was immersed in Italian culture.  Kevin explains that his original hopes were to study abroad in Russia but, at the urging of Kristin Stasiowski, the Director of International Program and Education Abroad for the College of Arts and Sciences, he decided to switch gears and focus on Italian culture instead.  In fact, he later returned to the Florence Summer Institute Program a second time, where he worked as faculty rather than as a student.  

Kevin's travels have also led him to Kosovo for a 2 week study, where he had the opportunity to meet with political leaders and learned about the Killing Fields of Kosovo, where ethnic cleansing massacres occurred.  

In the summer of 2017, Kevin attended Dankook University in South Korea, completing two summer session courses: World Religion & Cultures and also, a course concentrating on the North & South Korea Demarcation line.  He comments that these courses allowed him to view a very interesting perspective on how the culture operates.

The Washington Program in National Issues (WPNI) also served as a valuable opportunity for Kevin, as he explains that he got a "diverse look at what goes into the process of creating policy".  This full 15-week program is offered each spring semester, with an opportunity to receive 15 academic credit hours.  Juniors and seniors from a variety of disciplines study national/international policy issues and the United State political process, all while living in the political atmosphere of Washington, D.C.    

Spring break during his collegiate career provided additional time and exploration opportunities for Kevin, as he used that time off from class to travel to both India during spring break 2018 for Dr. Uma Krishnan's India Perspectives course and also, a Jewish Studies trip to Poland during spring break 2019.  

With so much travel to other countries, one might wonder how Kevin completed all of his course requirements, but somehow, Kevin also managed to squeeze an internship in government affairs at Lockheed Martin into his collegiate career.  Kevin describes the government affairs portion of Lockheed Martin as "the brains of the operation", and found it very valuable to get to converse and network with the military personnel and government customers who visited his worksite.  

Kevin credits the Honors College for allowing him to explore and excel during his time at Kent State.  He says that the financial assistance that Honors provided him was invaluable, and the academic courses provided him the opportunity to discuss topics freely with other honors peers in a small group environment.  

When asked to provide advice for other honors students following in his footsteps, Kevin says, "Start asking questions.  Start talking to professors, and visit their office hours!"  He explains that networking begins with this, and not to be afraid, as professors are here to help you.

For his final piece of advice, Kevin suggests that honors students start thinking about their future now, and what they want to do with their life.  He says that he often asks himself "What makes me happy to get up everyday?" and "How do I want to change the world?".  Kevin proposes that honors students challenge themselves and start journaling to list what they want to get out of their life.  

 "You've got to start somewhere," he states, and for Kevin, that "somewhere" has led him across the world and back. 

The Honors College wishes Kevin Zezlina well, as he pursues his career as an analyst for the FBI in the Washington D.C. area beginning this July!   

POSTED: Friday, May 10, 2019 - 12:04pm
UPDATED: Friday, October 25, 2019 - 2:34pm
Stephanie L. Moskal