Spring 2017 Honors Courses

The following course descriptions are provided by instructors of Honors courses. Course descriptions are intended to help students in making selections for registration. Course information and descriptions are subject to change. For accurate enrollment updates, please check FlashLine after the registration window has opened.


ANTH 18210 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Applied Conflict Management

CACM 11001 Introduction to Conflict Management


ARCH 10012 Global Architectural History II

ARCH 45291 Seminar: The Modern in Spain

Art History

ARTH 22007 Art History: Renaissance to Modern Art

ARTH 22007 Art History: Renaissance to Modern Art

Biological Sciences

BSCI 10120 Biological Foundations

BSCI 40154 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Chemistry & Biochemistry

CHEM 10971 Honors General Chemistry II


CLAS 41301 Classical Mythology

CLAS 41503 Greek Literature in Translation

Communication Studies

COMM 15000 Introduction to Human Communication

COMM 26000 Criticism of Public Discourse

COMM 35912 Gender and Communication

COMM 45007 Freedom of Speech


ECON 22060 Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 22061 Principles of Macroeconomics

Educational Psychology

EPSY 29525 Educational Psychology


ENG 22073 Major Modern Writers: British and United States

ENG 30063 Professional Writing

ENG 39195 ST: Shakespeare in Performance

ENG 43092 Teaching Poetry in the Schools

Fashion Design and Merchandising

FDM 10023/10024 Fashion Visuals & Lab

FDM 10053/10054 Introduction to Fashion Technology & Lab

FDM 20013 History of Costume

FDM 40199 Senior Fashion Design Thesis II

FDM 40291 Seminar in Fashion Merchandising


FIN 36053 Business Finance


HONR 10096 Individual Honors Work

HONR 10197 Freshman Honors Colloquium II

HONR 20096 Individual Honors Work

HONR 30096 Individual Honors Work

HONR 30297 Brainchild

HONR 30297 Becoming Human: Evolution of Big Brains and Symbolic Behavior

HONR 30297 U.S. Law and Legal Reasoning

HONR 40099 Senior Honors Thesis/Project

HONR 40085 Senior Honors Portfolio

HONR 40297 Higher Education in the U.S.

Instructional Technology

ITEC 39525 Educational Technology

Journalism & Mass Communication

JMC 26001 Writing Across Platforms

JMC 28001 Principles of Public Relations

JMC 40010 Ethics and Issues in Mass Communication

JMC 40006 Law of Mass Communication

JMC 40095 ST: Introductionto Film

Mathematical Sciences

MATH 12003 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II

Management & Information Systems

MIS 24053 Computer Applications

MIS 44285 Integrated Business Policy and Strategy


MUS 22111 The Understanding of Music

MUS 22121 Music as a World Phenomenon


NURS 20020 Foundations of Assessment and Communication in Nursing

NURS 20030 (003) Foundations of Nursing Interventions

NURS 20030 (008) Foundations of Nursing Interventions

NURS 20030 (011) Foundations of Nursing Interventions

NURS 40872 Introduction to Evidence Based Practice

Pan-African Studies

PAS 20200 Recovering the Past: Kent to Memphis


PHIL 11001 Introduction to Philosophy

Psychological Sciences

PSYC 11762 General Psychology

PSYC 11762 General Psychology

PSYC 21211 Psychology of Everyday Life

PSYC 41395 ST: Psychology of Foster Care and Adoption

PSYC 41573 Laboratory Experience in Psychological Research: Social/Clinical 

Public Health

PH 30005 Social and Behavioral Science Theories in Public Health


SOC 22778 Social Problems

SOC 42478 Adolescence in Society


THEA 11000 The Art of the Theatre

THEA 41306 Professional Aspects: Design/Technology

THEA 41499 Musical Theatre Showcase

Visual Communication Design

VCD 45000 Graphic Design Perspectives

VCD 40053 Graphic Design Studio - Glyphix