Thesis Writers 2016-2017

Below are the thesis titles and departments for our Honors College students writing a Senior Honors Thesis this year.


  • "Understanding the Biogeographic History of Three Macaque Species"

Biological Sciences

  • "Does Hypoxia and Wilm's Tumor 1 transaction in prostate cancer cell line alter vascular endothelial growth factor isoform expression?"
  • "Inflammatory Response of Microglia in Treatment of Cognitive Impairments in Surgically Menopausal Non-Human Primates"
  • "Using Transdifferation to Create a Human Model of Down Syndrome"
  • "Intracellular Potassium Probe Calibration"
  • "Review of Regulatory Policies for Copper and Silver Water Quality Criteria"
  • "Quantitation of VEGF Protein in K562 Leukemia Cells"
  • "Mechanisms Through Which Peptide Hormone Avoylin Reduces Oxidative Stress"
  • "Relationship Between Serum and Brain Luteinizing Hormone and Markers of Neuronal Plasticity During the Mouse Estrous Cycle"


  • "Synthesis of New Photoactivatable (Hydroxy-2-naphthalenyl) methyl (HNM) Protected Nitroxyl (HNO) Donors"

  • "Synthesis of 5-Alkoxythieno [3,2-b] thiophene-2-carboxylate Liquid Crystals

  • "Synthesis of Chiral Ligand Capped Gold Nanorods and the Study of Their Chiral Induction in the Neonatic Liquid Crystal Phase"

  • "Neuroanatomical and Cellular Localization of Luteinizing Hormone in the Mouse Brain"

Communication Studies

  • "Refugee Resettlement in Akron"
  • "Ya No Nox Cn'an Asi."  A Qualitative Study of Cancer Socialization of latina College Students"
  • "World War One and Masculinity:  The Changing Definition of Manhood from 1900 - 1918"


  • "World War One and Masculinity:  The Changing Definition of Manhood from 1900 - 1918"
  • "Right Between Empty"
  • "Poetry Collection"
  • "A Brief History of US Foreign Assistance to Benin, the Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia & Senegal Since 2000"
  • "From Rain Forest to Desert:  All the Lands In-Between"
  • "Relationships Between Memory Abilities, Morphological Awareness, and Child ESL Development"
  • "The Body Exhibit:  Poems"
  • "The Millennial's Confessional:  Selected Poems"
  • "Editing in Online Publishing"
  • "Fairy Tales: A Continual Work In Progress"
  • "Rewriting Othello:  Exploring Shakespeare Under a Modern Lens
  • "The Wisdom of Fools - A Novel"
  • "Through the Eyes of a Teacher:  A Look at Genocide and Language in a Classroom Setting"

Fashion Design

  • "Sempre Sposa"
  • "Loyalty"
  • "Modern-Day Feminine Eccentricity"
  • "Fortschreiten"
  • "Catalon Spanish Modernism & Architecture"


  • "Introduction, Background Information, and Thesis"


  • "Urban Flooding in the Nimishillen Creek"
  • "Soil Bank Erosion and the Impact on the Environment"
  • "Assessing Non-point Source Pollution Through Geochemical Evaluation of Soil Water and Vegetation in a Coal Mine Spoil System"


  • "Metal Music and Masculinity in the 1980's:  Cultural Markers for the End of the Century"

  • "Level Heads:  Discourses on Liberty in the American Revolution"

Human Development and Family Studies

  • "Queering Hookup Culture:  A Qualitative Investigation of Sexual Identity Among Queer College Women"
  • "Approaching Alzheimer's Disease with Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions"

Integrated Mathematics

  • "Reflections on Math Anxiety in Secondary Schools"

International Relations

  • "Unfinished Business: Girls' Education as a Tool for Development in the Middle Ages"


  • "Crossing the line:  Recruiting in High School Athletics"

Management and Information Systems

  • "A Modern Interpretation and Application of the US Constitution"

  • "Awakening the Desire to Learn"

Modern and Classical Language Studies

  • "Speaking and Being:  A Personal View of Second Language Learning, Teaching, and Acculturation"

  • "Love is A Cunning Weaver: Myths, Sexuality, and the Modern World"


  • "From Contest to Classic; A Review of Standard Trombone Literature from the Paris Conservatoire"


  • "Evaluating Stereoscopic Effects with EEG of Memory Formation and Regional Brain Activity"

  • "How Legislation Can Aid in the Organ Shortage"

  • "Prelicensure Educational Program on Pediatric Organ Donation a QSEN Approach"

  • "Acquiring Cultural Competence in Nursing"


  • "The Effects of Electron Radiation on Graphene Oxide"


  • "Acculturation Gap Among Adolescent Latina Mothers in Relation to Psychological Adjustment"

  • "Youth with Sickle Cell Disease:  The Relationship Between Stress & Adherence"

  • "Child Abuse and Mentoring:  An Effective Treatment for the Consequences of Abuse"

  • "Men in Tights, Women in Tighter Tights:  How Super Heroes Inform and Influence Our Perceptions of Gender"

  • "A Study on Authentic Leadership and Its Relation to Cultural Values within an Organization"

  • "Social Support and Psychological Adjustment of Adolescent Latina Mothers:  The Roles of Familism and Acculturation"

  • "College Students and Mental Health:  Attitudes Toward Treatment and Benefits of Mental Health Programs"

Spanish Literature, Culture, and Translation

  • "Los Moros: Dual Citizenship for the Expulsed"

Special Education

  • "Assistive Technology in Special Education - Mild to Intensive Needs


  • "Works Off the Page:  Integrating Learning Styles Through Dramatic Recording of Theatrical Texts"

Visual Communication Design

  • "Representing Racial Disparities Through Rustic Art"


  • "Agricultural and Microhabitat Effects on Aquatic Invertebrate Diversity and Abundance"