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Chapel Garden

The Draime Family Chapel Garden, installed in 2010 in memory of Max Draime, is a place for reflection and spiritual quietude and is a tribute to the Draimes' love of family, gardening and art. Located on the west embankment of the estate, the Chapel Garden completes the horticultural loop around the lake and provides an incredible view across the water to the gazebo, perennial gardens and the Mossy Creek Garden. It is one of two new gardens added to the estate since 2010. 

The primary color theme for the Chapel Garden is "red" – as in azaleas, begonias, daylilies, dianthus, geraniums, impatiens, mandevillas, red fountain grasses, red twig dogwoods, roses, and tulips, to name a few.  These red plants accent the red Chapel gate, benches, chairs, tables and umbrellas that decorate the garden. 

In keeping with the Draimes' interest in unusual plants, the Chapel Garden is home to an eclectic assortment of evergreen plants that anchor the lake embankment including boxwood, Cephalotaxus, Chamaecyparis, English Holly-pop trees, Japanese Cryptomeria, junipers, Nootka Falsecypress, pines, spruces, and Thujopsis.  

The Chapel Garden is great place to start the morning with the eastward view of the sun rising over the estate as well as to end the day in the cool evening shade of the eastern white pines from the western sunset.

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