Academic Resource Guide - Supplemental Instruction

Kent State University’s Academic Success Center offers Supplemental Instruction (SI) for students enrolled in high-risk and large courses with at least a 30% D, F, or withdrawal rate. SI is offered in academic buildings as well as residence halls. Here are the facts:

  • SI is different from tutoring. SI leaders attend class along with the students in the class they are supporting. Each SI leader has already taken the course, and has earned an A or an A-. 
  • SI is free, voluntary, and available to students on a drop-in basis
  •  Early in the semester, your professor will let you know if the course offers an SI option. Sessions start the second week of classes, and continue through the semester
  • SI sessions provide students with study strategies specific to each course, as well as note-taking and test-taking skills. It also provides students the opportunity to study with peers. 

Supplemental Instruction is available in select Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, and Psychology courses. For a full list of courses and locations where SI is held, consult