In general, students experience greater success in college when they know what to expect. How to Get Good Grades offers six ideas for what to expect in college. Expect to find the following in college: 

  •  Varying class sizes. College classes can have anywhere from 15 to 200+ students. While most classes have fewer than 30 students, class sizes vary depending on the  college and the course. 
  • The need for critical thinking skills. College students do a lot of reading, and they are  expected to be able to understand and remember what they read. Students also need  to know how to draw conclusions, form opinions, and evaluate ideas. 
  •  More emphasis on tests and less on busywork. Homework grades will often only  account for a small portion of your final grade. In many cases, the midterm, a  research paper, and/or the final exam will make up the majority of your final grade. 
  • The need for personal responsibility. Students have a tremendous amount of freedom  in college. You are responsible for monitoring your progress, going to class, and doing  your assignments. 
  • Consequences for low grades. All colleges have academic standards that students  must meet in order to stay enrolled. Students who let their grades fall below a certain  point are generally put on academic probation. Kent State University requires that  students on probation improve their grades by the end of the following term. 
  •  Less time in class and more independent study. Expect to do most of your learning on  your own. For every hour in class, you should plan to spend two hours out of class  reading, studying, and completing assignments.

 According to the 2011 Higher Education Research Institute Study, almost 71% of students believe their academic ability is at least above average. The same study found that almost 61% of first-year college students spend less than six hours per week doing homework in 12th grade. Academics in college are more difficult than in high school and to succeed at Kent State, you will need to spend more time on your school work to achieve the same grades that you earned in high school. The consequences for low grades are high, but knowing what to expect can lead to greater success. Now that you know what to expect, be sure to read the pages that follow, which offer several tips for academic success.