Air Force ROTC

The Air Force ROTC Living-Learning Community is housed in Dunbar Hall and is open to cadets who wish to live with and around other Air Force ROTC Cadets.

Benefits of living in the Air Force ROTC Living-Learning Community:

  • Help new students acclimate to student life, as well as life as an officer candidate
  • Live with other Cadets who understand the demands of being a Cadet
  • Take courses together with other Air Force ROTC students
  • Meet every morning for physical training with other Cadets living in Dunbar
  • Free targeted programs and activities geared toward Air Force ROTC students; leadership and followership theory / discussion, academic success classes, time and financial management courses, and health and nutrition seminars
  • Live in a supportive and motivational environment as you share the unique experience of being a part of the Air Force ROTC program

Requirements for admission:

Those who want to be a part of the Air Force ROTC LLC must be a full-time student at Kent State University and enrolled in “Foundations of US Air Force” and “Leadership Laboratory” academic classes, and be a member in good standing of the Air Force ROTC program.

How do I join?

To join the Air Force ROTC Living-Learning Community, simply request to be placed in the Air Force ROTC Leadership LLC in the LLC section on your residence hall application and choose Dunbar Hall as your number one building choice. The Department of Residence Services will try its best to accommodate all room requests, but we cannot guarantee that your request will be filled.

To learn more about Air Force ROTC, please visit 

Coordinator Contact Information:

You can contact the Air Force ROTC Office at 330-672-2182 or contact Residence Services at 330-672-7000.