After hours/Weekend (when the FLASHcard office is not open)

  • 1. Go to on a computer or a mobile device and login using your FLASHLine ID and password.

  • 2. Click “Report Lost Card”.

  • 3. Confirm your card is lost is by selecting “Yes”.

  • 4. Check out a temporary keycard from your area desk/community center. You can use this to access your hall and room until you can get your card replaced. Please note, you need to have your FLASHcard replaced soon as the temporary key is due by 5pm the next business day after you check it out.

  • 5. Approximately two hours after you reported your card lost on the website, type in #323232 on the lock. The light will flash green quickly then red. The lock will connect and download the update that your old card is no longer active. This will prevent your old card from working on your room.

  • 6. Get your FLASHcard replaced when the FLASHcard office reopens. For more information see above. Please complete this within one business day by 5pm or you will be charged for the temporary key.