Business Learning Community

The Business Learning Community (BLC) is a first-year living-learning community that integrates academic, social, and career development opportunities to support you in making a smooth, successful transition to college and Kent State University.

Students take specific courses together while engaging in various events designed to connect students to business faculty, academic advisors, and mentors. Click here to learn more about the Business Learning Community.

To join the Business Learning Community, students must be in their first-year and majoring in business. Visit the BLC online to join.

Living…in Prentice Hall

Prentice Hall is the community’s on-campus home. If you living on campus and selecting to participate in the BLC, you are required to live in Prentice Hall in order to join the community. Learn more about living in Prentice Hall or click here to read about in-hall amenities available to business majors in Prentice Hall.

Commuters and Honors College students are welcome to join as well and are not required to live in Prentice Hall. BLC students are welcome to visit Prentice Hall and use the lounge space between classes, attend community events, and visit the academic advising office.


As a first-year BLC student, you will enroll in introductory business courses with fellow BLC members. This adds the learning aspect to the living-learning experience and fosters connections with your peers.

Additionally, as a BLC student you will select a smaller interest area group to help you meet students and faculty who share similar interests with you. Interest area groups are built around the First-Year Experience (FYE) orientation course and cover a variety of topics.

Interest Area Groups

To read descriptions of each interest area group click here.

  • Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (A-BBA)
  • Accounting Freshmen Interest Group (AFIG)
  • Aspiring Marketers (AIM)
  • College of Business Colleagues (CBC)
  • Diversity in Business (DIB)
  • International Business (IBUS)


To join students must be first-year students and majoring in business.



Coordinator Contact Information:

Justin McHenry

BLC Coordinator, Academic Advisor II

Undergraduate Programs Office