Business Learning Community

The Business Learning Community, or BLC, is a living-learning community for first year business students located in Prentice Hall

To join of the Business Learning Community visit the College of Business Administration's website for more information. 

What is the BLC?

The Business Learning Community, or BLC, is designed to provide you with resources and connections to help you be successful in your first year of college. The community provides you with engaging events, academic experiences in business, and access to business faculty, academic advisors, and upper-class business student mentors. 

Prentice Hall: The BLC's On-Campus Home

Prentice Hall is the residence hall for business majors. For students living on campus, the BLC requires that you live in Prentice Hall in order to join the community; exceptions are made for commuter students and Honors College students residing in Johnson or Stopher Hall. 

Prentice Hall provides students with access to resources for business majors including business tutoring and an on-site College of Business Administration academic advising office. 

Commuter students are welcome to visit Prentice Hall and use the lounge space between classes, attend community events, and visit the academic advising office.

Business Learning Community Cohorts

The BLC is structured so that each student is part of a smaller community, or cohort, based on their area of interest. The six BLC cohorts are:

  • Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration (A-BBA)
    Open to first-year business majors who are committed to high academic success and who are entering college with a substantial amount of college credit.

  • A Community of Entrepreneurs (ACE)
    Open to first-year business majors majoring in entrepreneurship or interested in entrepreneurship and business innovation.

  • Accounting Freshmen Interest Group (AFIG)
    Open to first-year accounting majors only. 

  • Aspiring Marketers (AIM)
    Open to first-year marketing, managerial marketing and general business students interested in a career in marketing.

  • College of Business Colleagues (CBC)
    Open to any first-year business major. 

  • International Business (IBUS)
    Open to any first-year business major interested in business and education abroad experiences.

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to Join the BLC

To join students must be first-year students and majoring in business.

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Coordinator Contact Information:
Amy Calapa
Senior Advisor I
Phone: 330-672-2832