CAACURH Conference

This past weekend approximately 14 Kent State students and staff attended the annual Central Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (CAACURH) conference hosted by George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

For those who don’t know, CAACURH is one of the 8 regions of NACURH,  the largest student-run organization in the world (428 schools). NACURH serves 1,428,000 residents! There were multiple schools from the CAACURH region from places such as Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Kent State University sent three different groups. One group was the student delegation led by Seth Newell, Residence Hall Director, and Chelsea Uhl, Assistant Residence Hall Director. A member from the NACURH Services and Recognition Office (NSRO), Steve Yurek, also went as a special guest. The NSRO is part of NACURH and the office is being hosted at Kent State University for three years. The NSRO serves the eight regions in NACURH, coordinates the Of-The-Month (OTM) certificates and all NACURH and NRHH merchandise. We also host two members from CAACURH's Regional Board of Directors, Emily Nighswander, Resident Assistant and Justin Schwendeman, Assistant Residence Hall Director. Emily serves as CAACURH's Coordinating Officer for RHA Relations and Justin serves as CAACURH's Regional Director.

The weekend was incredibly successful! Here are some of the highlights from the conference:

  • 8 members of the delegation presented programs at CAACURH, which equaled 4 programs total. One of the programs, Operation Kindness, was a Top 10 program (out of 60 total). Anna Lombardo and Marisa Stephens     presented it about KIC's random act of kindness social media initiative!
  • We are #1 in Paw Points, CAACURH's spirit competition • We received 3rd place in our RHA case study!
  • We received 3rd place in our NRHH case study.
  • Our display earned 1st place overall!
  • Our delegation won 3rd place in spirit (calculated by our display, banner, and roll call video) • Nicole Machovina received a Cougar Pride pin from a member of the RBD, Hannah Adkins, the CO for Recognition • Two KSU students received a textbook scholarship (Alycia Quellhorst and Marisa Stephens)