Cable TV

Cable TV is provided in all residence hall rooms on campus with approximately 116 channels including KSU Student Media Channels, a Residence Services channel, MTV-U, HBO, Cinemax, multiple Spanish and Chinese channels with most channels being HD. To view the channel lineup visit the Cable TV Guide (channel 4-1 on your television).  If you are not getting all channels, reprogramming your TV is a good first step.

A digital QAM Tuner (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Tuner) is required for most channels on campus. While most televisions made since 2009 have the equipment, it is important to note the requirement when living on campus. Older televisions or those without the necessary tuner require use of a set top box which can be rented at the Tech Help Service and Repair Center located in the Tri -Towers Rotunda.  See Tech Help for more information.