Campus Connection Package

The Campus Connection package will be awarded for eligible students for the fall 2023 semester. The package includes the items listed and will be available to students as outlined. 

  • Campus Connection meal plan.

    • The Campus Connection meal plan is a uniquely designed meal plan that includes meal swipes and declining balance! Students can view their Campus Connection meal plan in the meal plan tile in their Flashline account. Meal swipes will be loaded in July and declining balance will be loaded in August.  

      • 120 meal swipes to use at Eastway or DI Dining. Meal swipes are available for use between August 15, 2023 and December 16, 2023.

      • $300 declining balance. Declining balance is available for use August 15, 2023 until the student leaves Kent State University. 

      • Meal Exchange

  • Access to the Tri-Towers Rotunda, which provides access to Rosie’s Diner and Market, tutoring services, and the Tri-Rec. Students can access the Tri-Towers Rotunda after hours by using their FLASHcard. The access will be available between August 21, 2023 through December 16, 2023.

  • Priority parking permit access, which provides a prioritized window of time to select a commuter parking pass. 

  • Barnes & Noble Campus store credit of $250 for books, supplies, or apparel. Students can access their store credit by using their FLASHcard for purchases. The store credit can be used between August 21, 2023 and December 16, 2023.