Can I loft the furniture in my room? What halls do I need to rent or provide my own loft in?

Many of our residence halls come equipped with loftable furniture. Loftable/stackable furniture is provided in Allyn, Clark, Dunbar, Fletcher, Manchester Centennial Court A, B, C, D, E, F, Johnson, Koonce, Korb, Stopher, Lake, Olson, Prentice, Verder and Wright Halls. A video demonstrating how to rearrange the university provided loftable furniture can be found at Lofting Furniture.

Beall, Leebrick, McDowell, and Van Campen all have a different style of furniture. In order to loft your bed in these halls, you either need to rent a loft or build your own. The beds in Van Campen Hall are bunkable.

For students living in Beall or McDowell Hall, Kent State University partners with to provide students the opportunity to rent a bed loft. Please visit for details and to place an order today.

If you are assigned to Beall Hall, Leebrick Hall, McDowell Hall, or VanCampen Hall and wish to build your own loft, please download the instructional guide at Loft Construction Guidelines.