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College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Living-Learning Community is located in Wright Hall and is a place where you can grow intellectually and socially. It’s a community that seeks to broaden the learning experience at KSU beyond the traditional classroom, lab, or studio setting. It’s a place where you get to know faculty, academic advisors and benefit from unique learning and leadership opportunities. It provides a smaller community within the larger university, where you can create a special undergraduate experience.

You will be able to interact with students who share interests similar to yours and who have ambitions to become in professional areas of study such as Psychology, Sociology, Geology, Justice Studies, Geography, Politics, Anthropology, Pan African Studies, English, History, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, or a related field of study (Pre-Med, Pre-Pharmacy, Med Tech, Biotech).

Students will engage in a variety of activities to build a strong academic foundation for success at KSU and to help develop a healthy and productive relationship with peers, faculty and staff to prepare for a rewarding career in their field.

Connected Courses:

Students take 2-3 courses together per semester during their first year at KSU. They will also participate in both fun and educational activities.  Upper-class students who have met these requirements do not need to enroll in these classes, but should still apply to the program.

Science Learning Community: Social Science Learning Community: Humanities Learning Community:

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

US 10097 First Year Experience (1) BSCI 10120 Biological Foundation (4)
BSCI 10110 Biological Diversity (4) CHEM 10061 General Chemistry II (4)
CHEM 10060 General Chemistry (4) CHEM 10063 General Chemistry II Lab (1)
CHEM 10062 General Chemistry Lab (1)    

 Fall Semester 

 Spring Semester 

US 10097 First Year Experience (1)
PHY 11030 Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe (3)
PAS 23001

HIST 12071

Black Experience I: Beginnings to 1865 (3)


History of the United States: The Modern Period (3)

 Fall Semester 

 Spring Semester 

US 10097 First Year Experience (1)
PHY 11030 Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe (3)
SOC 12050 Introduction to Sociology (3)

CAS Diversity & Mission Statements

Why Should I Join CAS LLC?

Some benefits of CAS Living Learning Community are:

  • Special programming centered on student needs, which may include speakers from a variety of major interests, faculty/student open discussion and field trips.
  • Mentoring and student leadership opportunities.
  • On-site study groups and study tables.
  • Interaction with faculty through departmental tours and academic advising.
  • To share and develop partnerships with students who have similar academic interests and career aspirations.
  • On-site community service.

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How do I join?

You must FIRST be admitted TO KENT STATE UNIVERSITY, then declare interest in a major/program in the College of Arts and Sciences, and request to live in Wright Hall as your first choice in residence hall accommodation on your housing application. If you have additional questions about joining this community contact the CAS Living-Learning Community community coordinator. Assignments are made based on application date. The earlier you apply for your residence hall the more likely it is that you will receive a CAS Living Learning Community assignment.


Need more information:

Coordinator contact information:

Karen Clement
CAS Living-Learning Community Coordinator/Academic Advisor