CRG - From the Director’s Desk

Dear Residence Hall Student, 

It is time to submit your residence hall contract renewal request for the 2014–2015 academic year. Please take the time to 

read and understand this information completely. The Contract Renewal and Room Selection process is conducted online. 

You should review the Contract Renewal Schedule on Page 4 to find out your designated contract renewal date and time. 


There are a few changes for the 2014-2015 academic year that may impact your housing options, including an update to the 

university policy regarding mandatory housing. Please take the time to review these changes on page 5 of this booklet. 


Contract Renewal consists of two steps. First, beginning as early as February 1st, you will be required to file a Contract 

Renewal Re-Application and submit a $200 housing pre-payment. This application will allow you to request a roommate, 

complete a profile for roommate matching, select a meal plan, and pay the $200 housing pre-payment. If you would like to 

stay in your current room for next year, you will also be able to indicate this on the application. You will not be able to 

select a room without first completing this application and making the $200 housing pre-payment. If you have 

questions or concerns regarding this payment, please contact the Housing Assignments Center at 330-672-7021. 


The second step of Online Contract Renewal is the Online Room Selection itself. Room selection will be available to you 

based on a combination of criteria, including when you were admitted to KSU, your projected class standing at the 

conclusion of the spring 2014 semester, and the date of your original housing application. Online Room Selection will be 

available in March to those students who have submitted the Contract Renewal Re-Application and made the $200 

housing prepayment. You will receive an email to your Kent State University email address that will communicate to you 

when you will first be able to go online in March and select a room. 


Please start thinking about where and with whom you would like to live. The Online Contract Renewal Re-Application is 

designed to give you the opportunity to arrange your roommate request and make payment far in advance of the actual room 



Please read the information contained in this online booklet carefully, including the Residence Hall Contract for Room and 

Dining Plan for Returning Students. If you have any questions please contact us at


Jill Church 


Residence Services