CRG - Visitation, Quiet and Alcohol Policies

Visitation Policies for Beall, Centennial Court C, D, Leebrick, McDowell and Verder are:
  • 24-hour visitation is permitted among residents within their own building 24-hour visitation is permitted by non-resident guests, with a limited length of stay.
  • Non-resident guests must be escorted at all times.
Visitation Policies for Eastway, Centennial Courts A, B, E and F, Dunbar, Johnson, Koonce, Korb, Lake, Olson, Prentice, Stopher and Wright are:
  • 24-hour visitation is permitted among residents of a building.
  • Non-resident guests are permitted in the living corridors during the following hours:
    • Monday through Thursday: 10AM - Midnight
    • Weekend: 10AM on Friday to 12AM Monday
    • Non-resident guests must be escorted at all times.

Guests must be escorted at all times, and hosts are responsible for their behavior at all times while in the residence halls.

Residence Services staff reserve the right to require a guest to leave the floor/building when the guest (s) and/or host (s) is disruptive.

Visitation hours apply to the entire residence hall unless otherwise designated by hall staff. By majority vote of the students in the hall, residents may limit the hours that guests are permitted in the hall. Residence Hall Directors, in conjunction with the respective Coordinator of Residential Communities, may impose limited visitation privileges to an individual, room, wing, floor or hall as disciplinary action.

Quiet hours (the absence of loud noise or distractions) exist within each residence hall (unless designated as a 24-hour quiet floor) Quiet hours are:

  • Weekdays 8 p.m.– 10 a.m. (Sunday through Thursday)
  • Weekends 2 a.m.– 10 a.m. (Friday through Saturday nights)
  • Exam week, 24-hour quiet hours go into affect at 8 p.m. on Friday preceding the exam week and remain in effect until the close of the semester.
  • On long vacation weekend (i.e., a Monday holiday), weekend quiet hours will be in effect.
  • Weekday quiet hours do not change for midweek holidays or during break housing periods.

Courtesy hours are in effect at ALL times.

Alcoholic beverages and alcoholic containers (e.g., bottles, cans, “beer bongs”, kegs, etc.) are not permitted in halls that house predominantly underclass students regardless of the resident’s or visitor’s age. This policy applies to decorative containers and collections as well. Alcohol is permitted only by persons of legal drinking age in the following halls: Centennial Court C, Engleman, Leebrick (floors 1-7) and McDowell Halls. Beer containers may not exceed 16 ounces and wine or other alcoholic beverage containers may not exceed two liters in those buildings in which alcohol is permitted.

For a more comprehensive list of residence hall policies please refer to the Hallways Handbook.