Do it in the Dark Energy Reduction Competition Results

The 2015 DO IT IN THE DARK final scores are in.  Congratulations go to…

Korb Hall with a nearly 5% reduction in electricity usage.

During DO IT IN THE DARK, Kent State University residents reduced the collective residence hall energy consumption by 3.25% during the competition…that’s over 10,000 KWH saved!  Way to go Flashes!!

As the top reducer for 2015—Korb Hall will be awarded $200 in Hall Council funds as well as a commemorative plaque to show everyone how well they DO IT IN THE DARK!

Scores were calculated by comparing a weekly energy-use average during the competition period of November 1 – November 14, 2015 to a weekly energy-use average recorded just a few weeks prior.

Congratulations to all competitors, and although the competition is over…don’t forget to DO IT IN THE DARK and save energy all year long!