Entertainment and Socials


There will be so many fun opportunities to socialize and meet new people while at CAACURH 2022!

Below is a list of the various socials you can expect to see at CAACURH 2022:  

  • NCC Social: a social for NACURH Communication Coordinators 
  • RHA Social: a social for RHA presidents 
  • NRHH Social: a social for NRHH representatives and NRHH presidents 
  • Advisors Social: a social for RHA, NRHH, Hall Council and delegation advisors  
  • BIPOC Social: a social for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color identifying folx  
  • LGBTQ+ Social: a social for those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community  
  • First Generation Social: a social for first generation-college students  
  • Disability Social: a social for folx with disabilities  
  • Hospitality Rooms: a space where there will be snacks for attendees to enjoy  
  • Swag Shop Room: attendees can bring swag items from their home institution (cups, phone wallets, pens, shirts, etc.) to trade with other people for their swag items  


There will also be fun entertainment opportunities throughout the weekend! Below is a list of the various entertainment opportunities you can expect to see at CAACURH 2022:  

  • Karaoke: Friday night we will have an opportunity for people to show off their singing and performing abilities at Karaoke night  
  • Drag Show: Saturday night will feature a Drag Show with performers from the student body at Kent State University  
  • Dance: After the Drag Show, there will be a dance for the attendees to dance the night away