Esports Theme Community

Esports Theme Community

The Esports Theme Community is located in Korb Hall. The purpose of the community is to bring together students who have a passion for gaming; as a member of the Kent State Esports program, as a career goal, or as a recreational gamer. Students will be living and learning with those who share a love for video games, Esports, and the popular culture associated with them. Students will have access to residential resources for the community, academic and career offerings, and opportunities to broaden their gaming skills.


  • Development of enhanced communication, leadership, and teamwork skills that will help not only in gaming, but academic and career endeavors.
  • Participation in team activities, tournaments, community gaming nights, watch parties, career panels and more.
  • Opportunity to engage with various on-campus clubs and Esports partnered organizations.
  • Access to an exclusive gaming lounge, industry partners, top players and coaches, and more.

How Do I Join?

Students new to Kent State housing will select Esports Theme Community and Korb Hall as their first choice on their housing application. Students who have already submitted a residence hall application and wish to change to Esports Theme Community may log-on to the housing website to change the information on their application. The Department of Residence Services will try its best to accommodate all room requests, but we cannot guarantee that your request will be honored.

Coordinator Contact Information:

Maria Hawkins
Director of Esports Operations
Esports Operations
Phone: 330.672.6218