Ethical Decision Making

Alcohol e-CHECKUP and Ethical Decision Quiz

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At the end of the quiz you will be able to view the correct answers and also be given the link to complete Alcohol e-CHECKUP. You MUST first complete the quiz before you can access Alcohol e-CHECKUP.

Then, once the quiz is completed, you are taken to a google doc page for the quiz answers and Alcohol e-CHECKUP.

Marijuana e-CHECKUP

The Marijuana e-CHECKUP program is a marijuana-specific brief assessment and feedback tool designed to reduce marijuana use among college students. The assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete, is self-guided and requires no face-to-face contact with a counselor or administrator.

Complete the Marijuana e-CHECKUP program

Program Rationale

Ethical decision making aims to challenge you to think about your environment and the impact it has on the choices you make – because whether you realize it or not – your environment has a HUGE impact!

Ethical decision making also promotes reflection on the assumptions and values you may hold in regard to the decisions you make.

To illustrate the point, explore some of these examples of how environment influences your decisions regarding what you wear, what you eat, and even the activities you participated while in high school!

You may be amazed by how, where & when you live impact the experiences and decisions in these areas! It doesn’t stop there either…

Ethical decision making applies this same critical thinking to alcohol choices…

Ethical decision making encourages you to consider your independence on how you think about your alcohol choices.

Ethical Decisions Site Resources:

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