Gender-Neutral Student Housing

Transgender and Gender-Neutral Student Housing

University Housing strives to provide housing accommodations that are comfortable, safe and that offer a dignified living experience to all the students we serve, including those students who need gender-neutral housing, or those who require accommodations that support transgender individuals.

Housing for these individuals — as with all individuals seeking on-campus accommodations — are offered based on: (1) their availability and (2) the student's compliance with published procedures and timetables for applications and contract renewals. Housing assignments are made on a case-by case basis, recognizing the variability of individual needs and preferences, as well as the fact that appropriate accommodations may be limited in number.

Transgender individuals, or those who are transitioning to transgender status, who are requesting a roommate are encouraged to talk with Housing staff to discuss options. Specific contacts include: Director of Residence Life [ph.330-672-2520] and/or the Associate Director of Assignments [ph. 330-672-1223].

The LGBTQ Center is a great resource for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and ally students.