Hate Has No Place Here

If you stop and think about it, how many times each week do you hear hateful speech or see hateful messages? These hateful messages happen during conversations, they show up on social media, and even can be seen as we walk around the community. As responsible citizens and students, we cannot allow hateful messages to go unanswered and uncorrected.


To counter hateful messages they have seen, the Resident Assistant staff of Allyn and Clark halls came together at the start of the spring semester to develop a visual message to the campus that hate has no place on campus. You can see by the pictures below, the staff made a large impact on their community. In addition to this Hate Has No Place Here message on the Allyn and Clark windows, the staff also made individual posters with the same message on them for each resident in the hall, created an informational bulletin board on micro-aggressions, and talked to every resident during the first floor meeting about the message. In total, close to 500 posters have been created and hung in the halls. What ways can you think of to show campus that Hate Has No Place Here?


students painting
ac sj project
students helping