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HH 6 - Housing Contract

6 - Housing Contract 

6.1 Room Issues

The following policies and procedures address a variety of issues that may affect your housing choices and status.

6.11 Room Assignments

The university reserves the right to make and/or change room assignments and space allocations, including combining multiple residents into rooms within reasonable limits of safety and comfort, should situations of high demand arise. Only students officially assigned to space by the Department of Residence Services shall occupy that space. Changing rooms without prior approval from Residence Services will result in disciplinary action as well as a $25 improper checkout fee. Subleasing is not permitted.

6.12 Room and Hall Changes

Residence Services realizes the challenges that some students may face when assigned to live with a person whom they don’t already know and/or who appears different from them. We believe that these challenges ultimately serve the students’ benefit in encouraging healthy dialog, reasonable compromise and good citizenship. All residents assigned roommates are strongly encouraged to thoughtfully and honestly complete the Roommate Agreement distributed by their RA at the beginning of the year, and discuss it with their roommate. Before a room/hall change is granted, hall staff may discuss with the resident(s) the Roommate Agreement in an attempt to facilitate resolutions to any conflicts/difference that may be present.

All room changes and hall changes must receive prior approval by Residence Services staff. In the event a change in residency results in an alteration of room rates, the contract will be assumed to be amended and the appropriate refund or billing will be made. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Residence Services Accounting Office (330-672-7021) to determine the change in cost. Room buyouts are subject to the availability of sufficient residence hall space and are granted only for the remainder of the academic year.

6.13 Room Freeze

Room and hall changes begin approximately the third week of each semester and finish approximately two weeks prior to the end of each semester. Dates outside of this range are considered in the “room freeze” period. No room and/or hall changes are permitted during this time. Exact dates will be established during the respective semester and communicated to the residents.

A room freeze will be in place approximately three to four weeks before the start of winter break and spring break in the residence halls that will remain open for the break period in order to have sufficient space for break housing students. These buildings are Beall, Engleman, Koonce, Korb, Koonce and Wright Halls with the addition of Centennial Court C (please note that the halls to be used for break are subject to change).

6.14 Loss of Roommate/Room Buyout/Room Consolidation

When vacancies occur in rooms during the course of the academic year, the remaining resident(s) will be given the option of moving to another room (room consolidation) or paying for the room type created by the reduced occupancy (room buyout).

The room consolidation process will begin the third Monday of each semester, or a date established by Residence Services. This will allow Residence Services to identify “no shows,” “walk-aways” and other vacancies before room changes and room consolidations occur.

If given the option to move or buyout, the student must either:

  1. Request a room buyout.

    Choosing a room buyout will ensure against an additional roommate(s) being assigned to the room for the balance of the academic year or being moved to another room where there is a vacancy. An increase in the room fee will be made on a daily basis for the balance of the semester. A room buyout is granted only for the remaining part of the academic year.

    NOTE: Students must choose the room buyout option before they are assigned a new roommate. Once a new roommate has been assigned, a room buyout is no longer an option.

  2. Move to another room or secure another roommate.

    If a remaining student does not wish to buy out the room, that student may be required to move to another room where there is a vacancy or secure another roommate who is also in the process of consolidation. If a remaining student does not take action, it is assumed the resident(s) is choosing to keep the room as is and the appropriate charges will be made. The Department of Residence Services reserves the right to change the room to a room buyout accommodation and charge the student accordingly.

Each Residence Hall Director will have a list of vacancies after the third week of classes.

The Department of Residence Services reserves the right to consolidate rooms at any time during the course of the academic year as well as limit the opportunity for a student to buy out their room should it be determined that vacancies are needed for incoming residence hall students.

6.15 Roommate Readiness

A new student may be assigned to a vacant residence hall space during the academic year. The room must be “roommate ready” meaning: adequate and clearly visible space in the room should be provided at all times for the new student (e.g., clean bed, desk, closets, dresser and drawers). The Department of Residence Services will attempt to notify a resident that someone else will be assigned to the room. Failure to provide adequate and clearly visible space in a timely manner for an incoming roommate may result in either disciplinary action or an additional charge, e.g., the buyout room rate.

Revised August, 2017