How many hours does an RA work each week?

The maximum amount of hours an RA would ever work in a week is 28, however, the number of hours will often vary from week to week. Each week, RAs must have 10 community hours in their hall, where they make themselves available to their residents. They also have a staff meeting and a meeting with their supervisor once a week. Depending on the size of the staff, RAs can expect to be on duty about once a week (Sunday-Thursday), which lasts from 8 PM through 7 AM the next morning. They will also have weekend (Friday-Saturday) duty several times a semester, which typically lasts from 8 PM to 8 AM the next morning. Though they are not always actively working during these times, RAs must be present in their rooms, ready to respond to incidents, and available to their communities while on duty.

Other RA requirements such as programming, community building, Hall Council, and training can vary from week to week. RAs are strongly encouraged to spend more than just their community hours on their floors, as visibility among residents and frequent interaction is important in getting to know every resident, assessing the needs of the community, and creating student involvement.