KIC Sponsors Movers and Groovers

Kent Interhall Council sponsors the Movers and Groovers program.

Freshman move-in day took place on Thursday, August 21. A host of volunteers welcomed students and parents, and assisted with heavy lifting. This year, Movers and Groovers had its highest number of volunteers, reaching just short of 1,000 volunteers. The volunteers wore green, red and blue shirts and helped over 4,000 students move into their residence hall rooms.

“The Movers and Groovers program provided an opportunity for upper-division students, student groups, alumni, faculty and staff to help new students get adjusted and moved in to the residence halls,” says Jill Church, Director for Residence Services at Kent State. 

The Kent State president’s Cabinet also volunteered to help this year. Above is the photo of the Kent Interhall Council executive board with KIC the Squirrel and President Beverly Warren.

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