LGBTQA Living-Learning Community

The LGBTQA Living-Learning Community is located in Korb Hall. This community is open to all students interested in learning about sexual orientation and gender identity, with a focus on social justice for LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and asexual) persons. 


The LGBTQA Living-Learning community provides select undergraduate students with an immersive environment structured around an intellectual exchange that extends beyond the classroom. Community offerings include classes in LGBT Studies, exclusive lectures by faculty involved in the Study of Gender and Sexuality, academic advising, programming and support from the LGBTQ Student Center, and opportunities to participate in career exploration, faculty-led research, leadership development, study groups, and social and cultural activities.

All students in the Living-Learning Community may take one course each semester focused on LGBTQA experiences. The instructor for this course is Lauren Vachon, coordinator for the LGBTQA Living-Learning Community.


Students new to Kent State housing will select the LGBTQA Living-Learning Community and Korb Hall as their first choice on their housing application. Students who have already submitted a residence hall application and wish to change to the LGBTQA Living-Learning Community may log on to the housing website to change the information on their application. This change must be entered by June 1, 2019. For questions regarding the LGBTQA Living-Learning Community, please contact Victoria Walters, Residence Hall Director, at or Lauren Vachon, Living-Learning Community Coordinator, at

Returning students who have previously lived on campus will select a room on the 3rd Floor of Korb Hall during Contract Renewal, and can email Lauren Vachon at to be added to the LLC.


Lauren Vachon, Assistant Professor, LGBTQ Studies Minor Program;; 330-672-0324
Victoria Walters, Residence Hall Director, Korb Hall;; 330-672-4480