Living-Learning Communities

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Living-Learning Communities at Kent State University are housing-based communities of students who live together in the same residence hall building and share similar academic or personal interests. Students, faculty and staff choose to participate in these groups with the intended purpose of enhancing and enriching in-class instruction with focused out-of-class academic and social support experiences. We highly encourage you to choose living in an environment that suits your academic major and/or personal goals in order to help you be most successful at Kent State University. Being in a Living-Learning Community and actively participating has been shown to increase a student’s fall and spring semester grade point average and overall campus living experience.

We encourage you to choose the Living-Learning Community that suits your needs, and then select other residence hall options after that.


Information from 2015-2016 academic year:

  • The average cumulative GPA for students in Living-Learning Communities was 3.16, compared to 3.01 for students living on campus but not in a Living-Learning Community.
  • Living-Learning Community students complete more credit hours than non-Living-Learning Community students.
  • Living-Learning Community students are more likely to continue at Kent State University for their sophomore year.
  • Living-Learning Community students are more engaged in the campus community.
  • Living-Learning Community students have access to academic support from academic partners and hall staff.

  • The Aeronautics Living-Learning Community is a great experience for all freshmen! I have met some awesome new friends who also can help me with academic work. We also do a lot of activities that are fun, such as airport tours. We also have the chance to meet other professors in our department before we have them in the classroom. Joining the Living-Learning Community made my transition to college a whole lot easier. I truly benefited from being a part of it!

    Flight Technology
    Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
  • Chris Exler is a student within the Aeronautics Living-Learning Community

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Find Your Living-Learning Community

Living-Learning Community Target Population What the Community Offers
Koonce Hall
First- and second-year aeronautics students enrolled in the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology By living with other aeronautics majors, students in this community will be provided with advising in their residence hall, share courses with other members, enjoy social, academic and professional networking events and receive guidance from upper-division Aeronautics Peer Mentors.
Air Force ROTC
Dunbar Hall
Air Force ROTC students who desire to live with and around other Air Force ROTC students. Students must be enrolled in the class titled Leadership Laboratory to be enrolled in Air Force ROTC. An opportunity for students to learn about leadership, service to their country and upholding the highest traditions of the Air Force core values: integrity, service and excellence. This community is designed to help new students acclimate to life as a student as well as learn about life as an officer candidate in Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. As there are unique demands and opportunities for Air Force ROTC students, this community will help bridge the gap to the undergraduate opportunities at Kent State and in the local community. There will be extra opportunities to hear from and learn about Air Force personnel and lifestyles, academic success classes, time management courses, as well as countless chances to hone your leadership and dynamic followership skills.
Dunbar Hall
Army ROTC students who wish to live with other Army ROTC students A community for Army ROTC students that focuses on the program and its activities. This community has been established to meet the specific needs and interests of Army ROTC students. This community will promote individual leadership and build a strong foundation for current cadets and future Army officers.
Business Learning Community
Prentice Hall
First-year students pursuing a business major in the College of Business Administration, or who have an interest in entrepreneurship The Business Learning Community is focused on supporting business students in their transition to college, while providing them with resources and experiences to succeed in their first year. The community is designed to connect students to business faculty, staff, upper-division students and professionals through in-hall programming, leadership and mentoring experiences. Academic support services for business majors include in-hall academic advising and tutoring.
College of Arts and Sciences Community (CAS)
Wright Hall
First-year to upper-division students admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in the sciences, social sciences and humanities
  • Science Learning Community
  • Social Science Community
  • Humanities Community
Programming and events in this community are centered on the fields of science, social science and humanities. Students will have opportunities to connect with faculty and staff within the college. They will receive in-hall academic advising, support services, participate in career exploration, and participate in study groups and social activities with other students who share similar academic interests. Students will participate in linked courses and field trips throughout the year. This community promotes individual leadership and study-abroad opportunities.
College of Communication and Information Commons (CCI)
Olson Hall
First-year to upper-division students who are pursuing majors in the College of Communication and Information The CCI Commons is the central hub for any student who is pursuing a major in the College of Communication and Information. Located in the heart of campus in Olson Hall, students in the CCI Commons live with others who are studying in the same major or similar field of interest, allowing an open exchange of ideas and experiences that go beyond the classroom. The Commons offers perks and programs along with 24/7 access to our Mac lab and design studio. Students will immediately feel at home while making friends in their major and strengthening their grades. This ideal college living-learning experience offers students support when they need it and the freedom to do everything they hope to do as a college student.
Education, Health and Human Services (EHHS)
Manchester Hall
First-year students admitted to a College of Education, Health and Human Services major The EHHS Living-Learning Community is for students interested in exploring professions offered in the College of Education, Health and Human Services. There are opportunities for leadership development, community services, social activities and mentorship by fellow students, faculty and staff members.
EXCEL (Explore Careers, Education and Leadership) Living-Learning Community
Lake Hall
First-year exploratory students in the Division of Undergraduate Studies In EXCEL, the programming and events focus on exploring majors, careers, academic resources and social engagement; specifically through guest speakers, educational experiences, community service and workshops. Academically, students have the opportunity to participate in linked courses with other students in the building as well as receive additional career counseling, academic advising, tutoring and support. Socially, peer mentors offer added support to our first-year EXCEL students and provide opportunities to get involved on campus.
Fine Arts Community (FAC)
Verder Hall
Designed for students who are interested in fine, performing and design arts Verder Hall offers studio space, an art gallery, programming and staff members known as art studio mentors who are available to offer guidance in the studios. While located in Verder Hall, students do not have to live in Verder.
Honors College
Johnson and Stopher Halls
First-year through upper-division Honors College students Support for this community comes from the Honors College, with classrooms, a library, lounge and offices located on the ground floor of the Stopher/Johnson complex. Academic, cultural and social programming is provided.
Ida B. Wells-Atonkwa Village
Wright Hall
Designed for students in the College of Arts and Sciences who are interested in issues of relevance to African-American, Latino-American and Native American communities. During their first year, these 19 students will take four core classes together, including two focusing on the black experience, with carefully selected faculty who are dedicated to student success and are willing to devote time to each individual. Students will also receive academic advising and support services, and have opportunities to participate in career exploration, study groups and social activities with others who share similar academic interests. An African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and this group will become members of a vibrant community of support, as they learn and live the fundamentals of community building, community maintenance and community preservation.
International Village Experience (IVE)
Clark Hall
American and international students who have an interest in living with students from other countries and/or an interest in international issues, study abroad, foreign language, cultural study or other related topics American and international Kent State students living in a multicultural community with students from all over the world. Students who choose to this community will have the opportunity to experience cultural exchange through informal and formal activities. Programming support is provided through the Office of Global Education.
LGBTQA Living-Learning Community
Korb Hall
Target Population: All students interested in learning about sexual orientation and gender identity, with a focus on social justice for LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and asexual) persons. What the Community Offers: The LGBTQA Living-Learning Community provides select undergraduate students with an immersive environment structured around an intellectual exchange that extends beyond the classroom. Community offerings include classes in LGBT Studies, exclusive lectures by faculty involved in the study of gender and sexuality, academic advising, programming and support from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Gay Student Center, and opportunities to participate in career exploration, faculty-led research, leadership development, study groups, and social and cultural activities.