Mission & Values


We create safe and inclusive communities
that foster student success.

Core Values
In order to accomplish our mission, the following Core Values ground the decisions we make and the priorities we establish: 

Community – we are committed to safe and inclusive communities that foster student success. We create these communities by building relationships, assessing community needs and providing opportunities for all members to get involved and be invested in their communities. 

Integrity – we pride ourselves on being honorable, trustworthy and credible. We strive to provide quality service, to treat everyone with respect and to provide timely responses.

Relationships – we strive to develop healthy and positive interactions with every member of our community. These relationships are the cornerstone of our work. 

Responsible Decision Making – we aim to be good stewards of our resources, and responsible citizens of the university as well as local, regional, and global societies. We are dedicated to the efficient and effective use of resources, and using reliable and diverse forms of information to support our decisions.

Restorative Justice – we commit to approaching conflict situations with a restorative lens. In doing so, whenever possible, we aim to provide opportunity for individuals to identify the impact of their actions and actively work to repair the harm they created. 

Social Justice – we value and appreciate our diverse community. We challenge ourselves to listen, actively engage, and take action to ensure all identities within the  community are considered.