Senior VCD Major Creates Graphics for Regional Leadership Conference

When Kent Interhall Council hosted CAACURH during the fall 2022 semester, many different designs were seen on campus leading up to and throughout the event. Celia Martin, a senior visual communication design major and multimedia designer for University Housing and Culinary Services, is responsible for much of the design.

“I designed all of the assets for the event (e.g. logos, wayfinding signs, maps, shirts, stickers). Certain things were more straightforward, some I had more creative freedom over,” Martin said.

When working on a project of this caliber, much of the process is reliant on organization. “My initial plan was to try and get a rough estimate of what deliverables they absolutely needed, and which they were considering,” Martin said. “Once that was figured out, I tried to map out when to be done with certain things and when to start others.”

As Martin prepares to graduate, she thanks this project for the experience she gained. “Being able to design for such a large project for housing helped me to go outside of my comfort zone and create designs for events and topics I don’t usually intersect with. It gave me a lot of independence to oversee my own work and manage projects within a bigger project to make sure it all got done by a certain deadline.”

For Martin, the best part was seeing the end results throughout the weekend. “Getting to see the whole event come together and seeing all of the things I designed was super cool, especially how everyone at the event was wearing shirts and name tags that were designed by me.

Martin credits many people for helping her throughout this process, including her boss, Sommer Dunlevy, as well as Yewande Moore, Nickole Watson, Leah Shaw and Chelsea Knarr for working with her to make CAACURH happen.

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POSTED: Thursday, March 16, 2023 02:54 PM
Updated: Thursday, March 16, 2023 03:00 PM