RA (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is an information session?

An information session is an informal event hosted by professional and student staff to provide information to interested folks in the RA position. They are not required but encouraged to help provide information about the position and share experiences!

How do I know if I am still under consideration for selection in the RA process?

Candidates who meet eligibility requirements, register for the Peer Leadership Training Course, and who complete the application will all be reviewed by the RA Recruitment Committee to be considered for selection. RA candidates will be evaluated based on their submitted application materials, essay question responses, and performance in the Peer Leadership Training Course. Candidates no longer under consideration will be notified as soon as possible. Outcomes to the RA application process include being selected as an RA, being placed into the alternate pool for further consideration for any future vacancies, and not being selected.

Are first year students eligible to apply for the RA position?

Yes, first year students are eligible to apply for a resident assistant position; however, to be hired as an RA, all candidates have to complete at least 30 total credit hours by the time of hire. The RA hiring process begins in the fall semester and includes in the early spring semester. At that time, hiring decisions will be finalized and placement or standing in the process will be shared with applicants. This timeline usually gives first semester first years ample time to accumulate 30 credit hours before they are hired and placed for the following school year.

Can I still try and become an RA if I have never lived in the residence halls?

Students must have lived in university or college housing for at least one semester or quarter to be eligible to be hired for the RA position. Transfer students who have lived on campus for a semester or quarter at another institution are also eligible for the RA position.

Can an RA live with a partner or spouse in the residence hall?

Unfortunately, married students are not able to live with their spouses in the residence halls in the RA position.

What happens if I am hired as an RA in a residence hall where I do not want to work?

RA candidates have an opportunity to express their interests in different communities across campus during the recruitment process but there is no guarantee that they will be placed in these communities. If a candidate turns down a position after they have been placed, they forfeit their position as an RA and will need to reapply to be reconsidered.

Do RAs have roommates?

No, RAs are not given roommates anymore!

Do I have to register for the Peer Leadership Training Course (PLTC)?

Yes, to continue in the RA selection process, candidates must register and successfully complete the PLTC  Course. Pro-Tip: we often hire into the summer months as candidates may unexpectedly be unable to meet the requirements of the position, if you are not in the first wave of offers and are currently taking PLTC stay enrolled, you may be offered the position later on. Even if not in the first wave of RA hires, you are still expected to have completed PLTC to be eligible for the position.

What if I've already taken and passed the Peer Leadership Training Course (PLTC) prior to applying for the RA position?

Individuals who have already successfully completed the PLTC may indicate completion on the RA application. There is no need to register or take the course again. Prior completion will not impact candidacy.

Are there any steps I can take to make my application more competitive?

A strong application will demonstrate your personality, interests, leadership, and involvement on campus. Residential Engagement Council (also commonly referred to as REC) can also be an excellent way to gain leadership skills and experience programming. It may also be useful to utilize resources such as those found at Career Exploration and Development to prepare for your in person interview with University Housing Staff. The in-person interviews will be held in a virtual form for the 2021-2022, more information to come to candidates later this semester!

How will I hold an interview virtually?

Virtual interviews will take place the week of November 15th. If advancing to the interview stage, you will be contacted in Early November to sign up for an interview and instructions on accessing the virtual interview will be included.