Residence Hall Facilities

Inside Your Residence Hall


Laundry facilities are located in every residence hall or complex. Washing is $2.75 per load, and there is no cost for dryer use. Washing machines are front-loading and have a 20-pound capacity. The machines are not coin operated; rather, students are able to use their debit or credit card to operate the washing machines.

Empty dorm room showing dressers and loftsLINEN REQUIREMENTS

Residence hall rooms contain extra-long mattresses (36” x 80”), which means that regular-sized sheets, mattress pads and comforters will not fit. The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) sells custom-made linens for Kent State’s specially sized mattresses, and the linens will be delivered to your home address prior to your arrival on campus. More information about the NRHH linen program


You can make your college room more spacious by expanding its floor space with a loft, or elevated twin bed. Lofts provide almost 45 square feet of extra space, which is like putting a 5-foot-by-9-foot addition onto your room. Loftable furniture is provided in all halls except for Beall, Leebrick and McDowell Halls. More information can be found in the assignment packet that you will receive in the latter part of summer.

Microfridge, freezer, and microwave stacked next to a dorm room deskMICROFRIDGE UNITS

Microfridge units feature a microwave oven and compact refrigerator/freezer combination that offers convenience and cost effectiveness. Microfridges are provided in all halls except for Leebrick Hall as part of the room rate. Students assigned to Leebrick Hall may bring their own microfridge, refrigerator and/or microwave. The microwave must not exceed 700 watts, and the refrigerator must not exceed 4.5 cubic feet.


The restrooms in the residence halls can be broken down into two main types: private and semi-private. Private restroom: contained within a room or a suite and shared with up to four students. Semiprivate restroom: there are approximately eight "pods" in the restroom, each pod has its own lockable door containing a shower, toilet, sink, outlets and mirror.


With the large number of new students in this year’s freshman class and the current demand for on-campus housing, some students who submitted their housing applications near or after the housing deadline may be assigned to transitional housing. Transitional housing is a placement on a student floor in a location that is normally used as a study lounge but has been temporarily converted to house students. When this happens, student room furniture is moved into the space and the door locks are reprogrammed as a student room, securing it to only the assigned residents.

Depending on the location size, two, three or four students may be assigned to the converted space. At this time, it is difficult to project how long this temporary arrangement may last. As students cancel and inform Residence Services of their intentions, residence hall spaces will open up on an ongoing basis during August and throughout the fall semester. Our assignments staff will monitor this process and work with students assigned to transitional spaces. Our hope is that if assigned to a transitional room, we are able to change your placement before move-in or very shortly thereafter. However, it is possible that your assignment in this space may last for several weeks.