ResNet User Policy

Acceptable Use of ResNet

ResNet, Kent State’s residential network, provides students living in the residence halls and student family apartments the ability to further their educational experience. This is accomplished by enabling access to computing resources at Kent State and on the Internet. To ensure all university members have access to these computing resources, it is the responsibility of every residence hall student to use the ResNet network and associated resources responsibly and in compliance with all federal, state, local, Kent State University and Residence Services laws, regulations and policies. It should also be noted that students violating local, state and federal codes, including but not limited to the Criminal and Intellectual Property Laws and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (PDF), code 1030, could have legal action taken against them by any or all harmed parties. Thus students should carefully monitor how they use their computer and limit access by other individuals. Students are also responsible for reading KSU’s IS Security & Policies page.

ResNet network access is a privilege that can and will be revoked if actions by an individual are deemed detrimental to and/or inappropriate in the use of the network and its functioning. By accepting university housing and/or connecting to ResNet, the network user agrees to the terms and conditions of this ResNet Acceptable Use Policy in addition to previously mentioned laws and regulations. Actions considered detrimental or inappropriate when accessing the university and/or Internet resources through ResNet that could lead to, at minimum the revoking of network access include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any action that impairs and/or alters the services, equipment, wiring and data jacks, or compromises the integrity of ResNet, Kent State or associated networks.
  • Providing access to any university or Internet resource to individuals outside the university community and/or without authorized university accounts for any purpose.
  • Utilizing university network resources to generate monetary or equivalent compensation.
  • Attempts to compromise security of another computing resource including but not limited to port scanning.
  • Performing any action that denies another user access to network and/or computing resources.
  • Alteration of any kind to assigned IP address or related settings.
  • Using an unauthorized IP or MAC address.
  • Use of any domain name other than those authorized by Kent State.
  • Operation of servers or other services that place high demands upon ResNet or other university network resources.
  • Attempts to circumvent system security, such as allowing another to use your account and/or guessing another's password, or in any way gaining unauthorized access to local or network resources.
  • Users who administrate computers that are used as servers accept full responsibility for the inappropriate server activities, including violations committed by a server user other than the owner.

The RISC Office and the Office of Judicial Affairs will adjudicate violations of this ResNet Acceptable Use Policy and/or of the Student Code of Conduct. Sanctions imposed as a result of such violations may include but are not limited to:

  • Network resource suspension/termination
  • Suspension or termination from the university
  • Monetary reimbursement to the university or other appropriate sources
  • Prosecution under applicable civil and/or criminal laws

If you believe any of the above policies have been violated, you should send an e-mail to detailing the infraction

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