Visitation Policies

Visitation Policies For the Residence Halls


Residents may bring guests into the residence halls. In doing so, the resident assumes responsibility for, and will be held accountable for the actions of their guests. All guests must be escorted by a host at all times. NOTE: In addition, stairwells, bathrooms, lobbies and elevators within the residence hall are subject to the escort policy.

A Guest is defined as any person who is not assigned to a space in that particular hall.

Areas including stairwells, bathrooms, lobbies, elevators and other common areas within the residence halls are subject to the guest and escort policy.

Residence Services staff reserve the right to require a guest to leave the floor/building/room when the guest(s) and/or host(s) is disruptive or in violation of this policy. The department may impose limited guest privileges to an individual, room, wing, floor or hall as a disciplinary action. The host (resident of the hall in which the guest is visiting) will be held accountable for the actions of his/her nonresident and/or resident guest within the residence halls. Residents are responsible for any and all violations that occur within their rooms, regardless of whether or not they are physically present in the room at the time of approach by a residence services staff member.

With the consent of all roommates, residents may permit a guest to stay overnight in their room for no more than three (3) days in a seven (7) day period.