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2018 Prescription Plan

All of the medical plan options include prescription drug coverage which is provided through CVS/Caremark, Inc.  With this plan, you can receive periodic prescriptions through your local retail pharmacy for up to three refills.  For maintenance prescriptions (prescriptions taken on a regular basis for an extended period of time), you will need to fill the prescription at a CVS/Caremark pharmacy or use the CVS/Caremark mail order option.  Mail order forms can be found in the HR Forms Library or by visiting http://www.caremark.com.


  • 10% - coinsurance for generic medications
  • 20% - coinsurance for brand name medications when a generic is not available
  • 40% - coinsurance for brand medications when a generic equivalent is available

Another layer of the prescription benefit are the maximum amounts you will pay for a prescription.  Effective Jan. 1, 2018, the prescription plan maximum coinsurance rates have changed:


  • Employees enrolled in the 90/70, 80/60 and the high deductible medical plans will have a prescription coinsurance maximum of $60.
  • Employees enrolled in the 85/60 medical plans will have a prescription coinsurance maximum of $80.



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