Prescription Coverage 2023

CVS/Caremark, Inc will continue to provide prescription drug coverage for 2023.

This benefit is bundled into both medical plans at no extra cost to you, at the same level of coverage as your medical election (single or family). Employees considering which medical plan to choose are welcome to call the CVS/CareMark Customer Care team at 1-888-202-1654 to request a comparison of the costs of their prescriptions on the 2 plans. The customer care team member can use test IDs (or UIDs) to run these comparisons, upon request. 

CVS/Caremark also has a cell phone app that provides you convenient access to your prescription information. With the CVS/Caremark app, you can save time, get organized, and stay on budget. Features include:

  • Drug cost and savings checks
  • Prescriptions refills
  • Order delivery and status updates
  • Access to personal medical lists
  • and more...


  • 10% coinsurance for generic medications with a maximum of $80;
  • 20% coinsurance for brand-name medications with a maximum of $80, and
  • 40% coinsurance for a brand medication when a generic medication is available with a maximum of $100.


When enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan, you will be charged a negotiated price for your prescriptions until your HDHP annual deductible is met, unless those medications are on the Preventative Drug List. Any money paid toward prescriptions will count towards meeting your annual deductible. Once your deductible is met, your prescription co-insurance will apply (see below).

For more information about your prescription coverage, visit our CVS/Caremark prescription webpage.  You can contact CVS/Caremark at 1-888-202-1654 for pricing information for prescriptions under the HDHP plan.

*Prescription co-insurances:

  • 10% coinsurance of the negotiated price for generic medications
  • 20% coinsurance of the negotiated price for brand-name prescriptions when a generic equivalent is not available
  • 40% coinsurance of the negotiated price for brand-name prescriptions when a generic equivalent is available

*If you or your dependents are taking prescriptions appearing on the Preventive Therapy Drug List (PDF), the cost of that drug is not subject to your deductible. However, co-insurance will apply as stated above and the co-insurance amount will be applied toward your combined medical/prescription maximum out-of-pocket deductible.

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