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We realize that wellness is a personal journey and embraces a holistic approach that often is very individualized not fitting into any one category, such as social wellness, financial, spiritual, occupational, and more. Kent State aspires to support its community members in discovering what wellness means to them.

Explore the resources below, including our additional employee wellness offerings. Our wellness calendar links employees to opportunities to experience wellness your way and is a dynamic resource to support you in your wellness journey.


The Counseling and Human Development Center offers individual, group, family, couple and child counseling to KSU students, faculty, staff, family and community. The counseling is provided by masters, and doctoral level students preparing for licensure. These students are supervised by a professional licensed counselor.  

Contact: Dr. Jason Miller

Address: 325 White Hall

Phone:  330-672-2208


Eligible:  KSU students, employees and their family and community members

Cost:  Free to KSU students, faculty, staff and family; minimal charge (from $5 - $25 based on income) to community members.

Additional Information:  Call to make an appointment 330-672-2208, or visit the office at 325 White Hall. Counseling provides help for a variety of concerns; alcohol and/or drug concerns, anxiety, anger management, career issues, childhood and/or adolescent issues, depression, gender issues, grief, school problems, self-esteem issues, stress, thoughts of suicide and time management.

Employee Wellness (visit Calendar of Wellness Offerings)

On these pages you will find information about upcoming wellness events, contact for Move Communities, Wellness in the Community, Wellness Challenges, our Wellness Partners and Ambassadors and Smoking Cessation assistance.

Contact:  University Wellness at 330-672-7505 or


Eligible:  KSU Employees


English Language Proficiency

The English Language Proficiency Clinic (ELPC) is a special clinic for non-native speakers of English that focuses on individual problems with oral English communication. Each client is given a complete speech and language evaluation to determine a starting level. After this, ELPC clients meet with their tutors twice a week for 45-60 minute sessions during the KSU semester.

Services are available at the high-beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Those interested in receiving services need only a desire to improve their English; no TOEFL scores or prerequisites are required.

Contact:  Anna Schmidt

Phone:  330-672-2673



Eligible:  KSU employees and their dependents, KSU students and the community.

Cost:  Free to KSU students, minimal charge to KSU employees and the community.

Additional Information: N/A 

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness for You

Financial wellness refers to the state of financial well-being.  This includes a strong financial foundation of little or no debt, an emergency savings fund, and living below our means.  Like any other form of wellness, this does not happen without knowledge, skills, commitment and planning. 

Let our financial wellness team help you to reach your financial well-being goals.  Below you will find a series of workshops centered around various aspects of financial well-being.  We encourage you to take advantage of these complimentary workshops for Kent State University employees.  

June 19, 2017 

12 - 1 p.m. 

Heer Hall, Rm. 107

and Live-Streamed

Financial Wellness Seminar: Making the Most of Your Paycheck

This workshop helps participants learn to identify financial goals and develop a plan to reach them. It will include worksheets that participants can use in their daily lives. Tracking spending, prioritizing expenses, and incorporating goals into one’s everyday spending plan will be discussed. 
• Goal setting – Getting what you want 
• Developing a spending plan that matches your paycheck 
• Identify what is important to you and your family 
• Finding ways to save money 

Register to Attend - Making the Most of Your Paycheck (Heer Hall - a light lunch will be provided)

Register to Attend - Making the Most of Your Paycheck (Live Streamed)

July 17, 2017

12 -1 p.m. 

Heer Hall, Rm. 107 

Financial Wellness Seminar: Six Steps to Financial Peace

A review of the 6 Critical Things every individual should be doing if they desire to achieve financial peace. 

A light lunch will be served

Register to attend - Six Steps to Financial Peace

*Financial Wellness Workshops are worth 10 (ten) Tier 2 wellness points. (limit 30 wellness points in this category)
Lactation Rooms

There are several designated lactation rooms on the Kent Campus and one room at each Regional Campus and the Twinsburg Academic Center. Each room has a table and chair and some locations also have a small refrigerator.

Contact:  Women’s Center at   330-672-9230, or

Contact: Human Resources at 330-672-2100, or


Eligible: KSU students, employees, visitors

Cost:  N/A

Additional Information: It is recommended to call the location contact in advance for availability. 

Massages-Recreational Services

The SRWC offers a variety of massages including relaxation, therapeutic, sports, prenatal and deep tissue massages. Massage therapy ranges from hour-long deep tissue massage at the SRWC to onsite mini-chair massage, where your entire staff can enjoy a soothing massage right at your work site. Massage therapy is a great way to unwind after a long stressful workday.

Contact:  Ben Cope

Phone:  330.672.0485



Eligible:  KSU employees, spouse, community

Cost:  Costs are dependent on type and length of massage.

Additional Information: Follow-up sessions can be conducted over phone or email.