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FAQ Life On The Move

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Life On The Move.

Can I earn points towards my 2019 Wellness Incentive totals?
When does the Life On The Move University Challenge begin and end?
How does Life On The Move differ from the National On The Move Challenge?
How will participating in Life On The Move benefit me?
How do I earn points?
How much time out of my week will participating in On The Move require?
Do I have to complete all sections (BLAMS) of each weekly challenge to earn points?
How will I know how many points I can earn each week?
Do I need an electronic tracking device to earn Move Points?
Do I need to log in to the platform every day to track my Move activity?
Is On The Move just for very active people?
Who will be able to see my information on the website?
Is there a Smartphone application for Life On The Move?
How can I see my coworkers’ points or which activities they have completed for the week?
Is there a section of the platform where I can find previous Moves of the Week?
Can I link my Apple Watch with the Life On The Move platform?
If I have an activity tracking device but forgot to wear it or took it off to do an activity such as swimming, is there any way to still record those activities?
What can I do if I’m experiencing technical difficulties within the platform or have a question about its functionality?
How can I create my own challenge?
How can I find out who in my department is participating in Life On The Move?


If you post any of your Moves to social media, be sure to use the hashtag #ShowUsYourMove. All posts with this hashtag will show up on a tagboard within the “RESOURCES” section of the Life On The Move platform.