FAQ On The Move National Challenge

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the On The Move 12-Week National Challenge.

When does the On The Move Company Challenge begin and end?
What can I do if I’m experiencing technical difficulties within the platform or have a question about its functionality?
If I have an activity tracking device but forgot to wear it or took it off to do an activity, is there any way to still record those activities?
Can I earn points towards my 2019 Wellness Incentive totals?
Can I link my Apple Watch with the On The Move platform?
Is there a section of the platform where I can find previous Moves of the Week?
How can I see my coworkers’ points or which activities they have completed for the week?
Is there a Smartphone application for On The Move?
Who will be able to see my information on the website?
Is On The Move just for very active people?
How many Boosts can I give each week?
Do I need to log in to the platform every day to track my Move activity?
Do I need an electronic tracking device to earn Move Points?
How will I know how many points I can earn each week?
Do I have to complete all sections (BLAMS) of each weekly challenge to earn points?
How much time out of my week will participating in On The Move require?
How do I earn points?