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FAQ On The Move National Challenge

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the On The Move 12-Week National Challenge.

When does the On The Move Company Challenge begin and end?

The On The Move Challenge begins April 2, 2018 and runs through June 24, 2018.

What can I do if I’m experiencing technical difficulties within the platform or have a question about its functionality?

Regardless of which section of the platform you are in, there is always an orange “Help” widget in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can click on this and type in key words related to what you need help with.

This will bring up articles geared towards helping solve your issue. If the articles are not able to assist in resolving your problem, you can then click on “Leave us a message” to submit a help ticket. 

If I have an activity tracking device but forgot to wear it or took it off to do an activity, is there any way to still record those activities?

While most tracking devices allow you to manually input additional activities you performed, there is also a way you can do this within the On The Move platform.

You can temporarily unlink your device and manually add activities that your device didn’t capture. Once you have manually entered these extra activities, simply relink your device and continue moving!

Can I earn points towards my 2018 Wellness Incentive totals?

Yes, employees participating in the Wellness Your Way incentive program may earn 60 Tier 2 points for 2018 by accumulating a minimum of 65 percent of total available points for the 12-week Challenge period, April 2 through June 24, 2018. 

Can I link my Apple Watch with the On The Move platform?

Unfortunately, the On The Move platform does not currently support the Apple Watch directly. However, apps such as Runkeeper and the Fitbit app can be downloaded to your Apple Watch and will track activity you perform while wearing the watch. Simply download the app to your Apple Watch and make sure to link the app with the On The Move platform. 

Is there a section of the platform where I can find previous Moves of the Week?

Yes! Under the “RESOURCES” tab, you will find a multitude of helpful information, including a compilation of past Moves of the Week.

Once you have clicked on “RESOURCES”, underneath the main navigation you will see a second, smaller navigation. Click on “Move of the Week”. There will be a video of the current move of the week, and if you scroll down, you can click on any previous Move to view a video of that Move. 

How can I see my coworkers’ points or which activities they have completed for the week?

When you click on the “TEAM & CHALLENGES” tab in the top navigation, a list of all your team members will be displayed. You can scroll through this list or search for a specific team member using the search bar.

Once you have found a teammate and want to view their points, first check if there is a little lock icon in the corner of their profile block. If you see this lock symbol, it means that this teammate has chosen to keep their points private. Click on the teammate's name and you will be redirected to their profile. Within their profile you can view their total points, points for each week and which BLAMS activities they have accomplished each week, including the current week. If it is toward the end of the week and you see a coworker has yet to complete their BLAMS, it may be helpful to remind them. 

Is there a Smartphone application for On The Move?

 There is not an app, but you can add a shortcut to the mobile friendly site to your smartphone.

Instructions can be found by clicking here.

Who will be able to see my information on the website?

Your teammates can see any public goals or comments that you choose to type into the Share section of the site.

Your teammates can also view how many points you have earned weekly unless you select the option “Please, keep my points private” in your profile set-up. To select or de-select public view of your points, click on the drop down menu, next to your name, at the top right of the screen, then click on “VIEW MY PROFILE”. Once your profile is displayed, you can click on “EDIT PROFILE”. The option to make your points private can be found at the very bottom. This is also where you can choose to opt out of receiving emails from WELCOA. Make sure to save any changes you make. 

Is On The Move just for very active people?

Absolutely not; this is for everyone. All you have to do is have a desire to move more and feel better.

You may find that achieving 100 Move Points is easier than it sounds and will ultimately enrich your life. 

How many Boosts can I give each week?

You can give away 10 Boosts each week.

Each teammate you boost will receive 5 bonus points for that week! When you give away all 10 of your Boosts for the week, you also earn 20 points. 

Do I need to log in to the platform every day to track my Move activity?

No, you can track past days’ activity by using the back buttons in the Move section of your Weekly Challenge page.

You can also sync an activity tracking device to automatically track points. You can retroactively log Moves up to two weeks in the past. However, you cannot earn points for past weeks’ Learn, Assess, Share or Boost activities.

Do I need an electronic tracking device to earn Move Points?
How will I know how many points I can earn each week?

The progress bar at the top of each Weekly Challenge will show you how many points you have earned and how many are still available for that week.

It is within an orange rectangle at the top of the screen and has the words “YOUR POINTS THIS WEEK” on the left. You can also go to your “Dashboard” to see how many points you earned in previous weeks.

Do I have to complete all sections (BLAMS) of each weekly challenge to earn points?

No, but remember each component of the challenge that you complete will earn points.

To derive maximum benefit from the On The Move Challenge, we strongly encourage you to complete all of the weekly challenge features.

How much time out of my week will participating in On The Move require?

On The Move activities are, for the most part, designed to fit into employees’ existing routines.

It may take an additional 10 minutes a week to complete BLAMS and a little extra time to track and report your Move activity. All activities aside from Move can be completed in one sitting, lasting about 20 minutes, or could be spread out across the week. It’s really up to you to decide how active you’d like to be with the platform throughout your week. 

How do I earn points?

Each week you will have an opportunity to Learn about various health topics from the experts, Assess your current status on important health issues, Share successes and goals with your teammates, Boost teammates to show support and—of course—Move your body!

Your goal is to get 100 Move Points every day for moving when you want, how you want and how much you want. Participating in the other activities will also earn you points each week. Collectively, these activities are known as BLAMS (Boost, Learn, Assess, Move, Share).