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FAQ-Smoke-Free, Tobacco-Free Policy Implementation

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Why is Kent State becoming a smoke-free, tobacco-free university?

A: Tobacco remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. A smoke-free, tobacco-free university, allows Kent State to provide a safe and healthy learning, working and living environment in which the Kent State community can be comfortable and productive. In addition, this aligns with the priorities of the university’s healthy campus initiative, Kent State of Wellness, which seeks to foster a culture of health and wellness for students and employees at all campuses.

Which products does the policy ban from use at Kent State?

A: All forms of smoking are prohibited, including the use of electronic smoking devices, mod boxes or electronic nicotine delivery systems that create an aerosol or vapor. Also prohibited is the use of nicotine, tobacco-derived or plant based products and oral tobacco. Restricted products include cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, cloves, hookahs, e-cigarettes, herbal and oil vaporizers, pipes, water pipes, all smokeless tobacco (chew, snuff, dip, etc.) and all other non-FDA approved nicotine products.

Does the policy ban e-cigarettes and vaping?

A: Yes. For this policy, “smoking” is defined as inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted or heated product intended for inhalation in any manner or in any form. This includes the use of an apparatus that creates an aerosol or vapor in any manner or in any form, meaning that e-cigarettes and other vaping devices are prohibited. 

Who does the policy apply to?

A: This policy applies to all members of the university community, including students, employees, volunteers, vendors, contractors and others doing business on Kent State property, and visitors to any Kent State campus, location or property.

Where is smoking and tobacco use prohibited?

A: Smoking and tobacco use will not be permitted on any of Kent State’s campuses or other locations and properties that are owned, operated or leased by Kent State, both domestic and international. This includes all areas within Kent State properties, including buildings, grounds, roads, parking lots, recreational areas and sidewalks. Since the policy applies to streets and parking lots, smoking will not be permitted in personal vehicles on university property.

Can I smoke in my car in the parking lot?

A: No, you are not permitted to smoke on any Kent State property, including in your personal vehicle, if it resides on Kent State property.  

Does the policy apply to any area beyond the border of campus?

A: No, the policy bans smoke and tobacco use only on Kent State property whether leased or owned. However, we ask that you please respect the businesses and other areas near campus. Represent Kent State with integrity by not leaving garbage and cigarette butts on the ground in the surrounding area.

How will the policy be enforced?

A:  Our goal is to achieve maximum voluntary compliance through communication about the smoke-free, tobacco-free policy to our students, employees and visitors. Compliance will likely happen with a cultural shift over time. The success of this new policy will rely on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of smokers and nonsmokers alike. Visitors and others who are on campus and in violation of the policy should be reminded of the rule and politely asked to comply with it. 

While the policy is not meant to be enforced punitively, repeated violation of the policy by Kent State students or employees could result in disciplinary action. Any student who repeatedly refuses to adhere to the policy may be referred to student conduct. Repeated violations by any Kent State employee will be handled through the normal employment procedures for violation of university policies.

Is Kent State offering support to those considering quitting?

A: Yes! As part of our initiative to become a smoke-free, tobacco-free university, Kent State is committed to providing services and resources to help our employees and students transition to a smoke- and tobacco-free lifestyle. If you are you thinking about quitting or even just curious how you might go about it, Kent State can help by linking you to tobacco cessation resources available on our campuses and in the surrounding communities. Visit the smoke-free landing page to find links to cessation resources for both students and employees. In many cases, there are resources for family members too. Resources include anything from Apps to help you quit to multi-week smoking cessation counseling programs. If you are ready to kick the habit, you have the support to make it happen!