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Gratitude Graffiti Stop Directory

April Month of Gratitude:  See a stop, take a pause, add your gratitude graffiti!

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With great enthusiasm, the Kent State community has responded to the Gratitude Graffiti project launching the April Month of Gratitude all across Kent State University!

Gratitude Graffiti is a practice of purposeful reflection and appreciation. Individuals “take a pause” to reflect on someone or something they are grateful for. They provide a gift to themselves and their community by writing what they are grateful for (on a wall, on a window, in a note, etc...) and adding it to the “Gratitude Graffiti” location.

Below is a full list of Gratitude Graffiti Stop locations.  If you see a stop, take a pause, and gift yourself and your community with a note, or picture, of gratitude.

Click here to take a look at some of the gratitude stops from 2017

Gratitude Graffiti Stop Directory

Ashtabula Campus (4)

Main Hall Break Room
Main Hall Student Services Office
Library Window  
Robert S. Morrison Health & Science Building Window

College of Podiatric Medicine (2)

1st floor entrance to the Library
2nd floor Academic Support Office

East Liverpool Campus (4)

Mary Patterson Building, 1st Floor  (Asst. Dean’s Office)
Mary Patterson Building, Nursing Technology 
Purinton Hall, 2nd floor Reception area
Purinton Hall, Quiet Study Lounge

Geauga Campuses (2)

Burton, Outside Student Services area
Twinsburg Regional Academic Center, Student Lounge

Salem Campus (2)

Main Building, Faculty/Staff Kitchen
Main Building, Nursing Office Window

Stark Campus (2)

Main Hall, Rm. 132 Student Services
Conference Center, External Affairs Office

Trumbull Campus (3)

Student Services Office 
Classroom Building, Upper Commons
Library/Theater Building, Kitchen Window

Tuscarawas (2)

Founders Hall, Main Lobby 
Founders Hall, Outside Faculty Offices 

Kent Campus Locations

Administrative Services Building, Glass foyer in lobby
Aeronautics & Technology Building, Glass window in room 202 reception area
Bowman Hall, NW stairwell landing between floors 2 & 3
Business Admin Building, Hallway on first floor
Business Admin Building, Hallway on second floor
Business Admin Building, Hallway on third floor
Business Admin Building, Career Services Office, A309
Cartwright Hall, Room 220 (CTL)
Center for the Performing Arts, Windows of room D004
Center for the Performing Arts, Back hall near classroom A100
Center for the Performing Arts, Front lobby
Center for the Performing Arts, E101/Student area
Center for Undergraduate Excellence, Suite 196 on filing cabinet behind cubicles
Center for Undergraduate Excellence, University College, WiFi Lounge Area
CPAE, First floor main lobby
Cunningham Hall, Second floor break room across from room 256
DeWeese Health Center, Break room
DeWeese Health Center, Lower level in the Health Promotion lobby
Fletcher Hall, Fletcher Hall Lobby
Franklin Hall, Windows outside the Kent Stater newsroom
Franklin Hall, Glass doors/window of rooms 204 & 205
Franklin Hall, First floor lobby
Harbourt Hall, Window of conference room 104
Heer Hall, Glass door/windows facing hallway on third floor
Heer Hall, On a table in the main lobby
Heer Hall, Wellness Resource Room windows
Henderson Hall, Faculty/staff lounge
Henderson Hall, Doors to room 113
Kent State Airport, Main door of the building
Kent Student Center, SMC student lounge
Kent Student Center, Back of the Center near student work stations
Lincoln Building, Break room
Liquid Crystals Materials Science Building, Second floor atrium, LCM200
Lowry Hall, Third floor reception area in northeast wing
Lowry Hall, Third floor reception area in northeast wing
Lowry Hall, Third floor by the elevator
Lowry Hall, Second floor vestibule
Mathematical Sciences Building, Lobby
Mathematical Sciences Building, Computer Sciences area
McGilvrey Hall, Room 317, third floor by snack table
Moulton Hall, Entryway on first floor near parking lot
Moulton Hall, Lobby
Nixson Hall, In lobby outside of the front office (room 100)
Satterfield Hall, Room 101 windows
Satterfield Hall, Room 202 windows
Satterfield Hall,  Undergraduate lounge, room 204
Schwartz Center, In the hallway near room 227
Schwartz Center, Registrar's office suite
Schwartz Center, 217E conference room window
Schwartz Center, Room 207 reception desk
Schwartz Center, Career Exploration & Development
Smith Hall, Room 103, Physics main office
Stewart Hall, Window across from front desk
Stockdale Safety Building, Break room
Stockroom, Glass windows of conference room
Stopher Hall, Stopher Hall Quad Desk/Lobby
Stopher Hall, Window outside of Honors College library
Student Recreation & Wellness Center, Windows looking down into the natatorium
Taylor Hall, Room 101 on a table in the lobby
Taylor Hall,  Main office, room 201
UFM Lock Shop, UFM Lock Shop windows
University Library, Writing Commons (room 416) glass walls
University Library, Student Accessibility Services office, first floor
University Library, Room 518
University Library, Circulation break area
University Library, Third floor, office 370
University Library, Fifth floor
University Library, Eleventh floor on the wall near elevators
VanCampen Hall, Glass door entrance to building
White Hall, Outside of room 215
White Hall, 414 front desk
White Hall, Windows of classroom 302
White Hall, Outside of room 300
White Hall, Glass wall on the ground floor lobby, Terrace side
Williams Hall, Main lobby between lecture halls 110 & 111
WKSU Radio, Kitchen (room 107)