How does Life On The Move differ from the National On The Move Challenge?

Life On The Move is an exciting new opportunity being offered by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), the same company who brought us the National On The Move Challenge.

Rather than a 12-week challenge against other companies, Life On The Move is an online platform that will help you move more, assess your progress, create a support system for physical activity and achieve total well-being. It will give you resources to not just move physically, but to move yourself in other areas of your life like mentally and relationally. The web address differs ( and the platform has a new look, but the features are familiar. Additionally, Life On The Move has a new feature in which users can set up individual challenges and/or challenge other departments within Kent State. Right now, the points you rack up can either go towards those inter-organizational challenges or simply be a way to stay on track with your personal well-being goals and socialize with coworkers. In the fall, we’ll have the opportunity to challenge other universities/colleges in the FIRST ever University Challenge. Once in the University Challenge, your points will then go towards TEAM KENT STATE as we demonstrate that we are the university on a mission to top the leaderboard and show that we are “undeniably” on the move! More information will be coming soon.